I’m With the Band: Katharine Whalen & Her Fascinators

Chad interviews Katharine Whalen & Her Fascinators in this month’s episode. Katharine was a founding member of the Squirrel Nut Zippers, and has been produced albums ranging from jazz standards to avant-pop ever since. She describes her latest album, “Madly Love”, as a “blend of Irish blues and Southern-tinged rock”. The album is set to release in late September 2011, but we are privileged to have a conversation with Katharine and her band as well as hear some of the tracks from the forth-coming album.

To learn more about Katharine Whalen & Her Fascinators, links for her new album, or to see tour dates, visit her web site at http://katharinewhalenmusic.com.

Madly Love - Katharine Whalen & FascinatorsIf you wish to purchase Katharine’s latest album, “Madly Love”, click the iTunes button to the left.

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  1. Catherine May says:

    She should visit TheFeatheredHead.com and I'm sure she will love their fascinators 🙂

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