StreetCircleDrive: ArtsyMollyParkway

StreetCircleDrive team is finally back from their Thanksgiving coma – and ready to fill up again! This episode we venture over towards Springs Road to Parkway House Restaurant. Thank goodness for our guest, Hickory favorite Molly Bass, whose humor and honesty kept us on our toes – and awake after our big meal! We talk all things “arts” and do some brainstorming about how to make it better.

McNally gives a new meaning to “appetizer”, Moose loves musicals, and Mary-Margaret wants to start a Booster club! All this and more on the latest StreetCircleDrive – only on The MESH!

StreetCircleDrive: MusicAirplanesGouda

It’s a wonderful day in Hickory as we take in all it has to offer! We’re featuring a new segment for all the naysayers out there. Title pending, but it’s pretty much: “Here’s what you should go and do when you think there is nothing to do”.

Plus we drool on the mics as we discuss our latest restaurant review – and our top five songs. Random? Maybe. StreetCircleDrive is ready for you to enjoy.

StreetCircleDrive: K64EventKong

What is K-64 and what are they doing for Catawba County? We’ve got the CEO, Mark Story, here to answers our (and your) questions! Is it more than the “Chromebook” supplier? What are their plans for the future? Plus…

Moose brings a laundry list of “things to do”, McNally visited a restaurant he’s never been to, and Mary-Margaret is the only one at the table with hair.

Tune in now for the latest “StreetCircleDrive” on

StreetCircleDrive: HenryRiverSpool

To help us add to the list of “things Moose might be scared by” we welcome Calvin Reyes, owner of Henry River Mill Village. Calvin updates us on the project plans, current events, and what happens to trespassers! Up next, MM welcomes back the LR Bears, and McNally walks us through our review of this episode: a sneaky little spot called The Wooden Spool.

StreetCircleDrive: HickoryLiveWellTavern

Time got away from us and summer has flown by! We apologize for the delay, but this episode is worth it. Our guest this episode may be behind the scenes most of the time — but today he is front and center. We welcome Zack King from LiveWell Catawba.
With upcoming events from Moose and a restaurant review from McNally… we’re gettin’ the gang back together!

StreetCircleDrive: SailsHootieMcGuires

Jam packed episode! StreetCircleDrive welcomes two guests to the table today. First we chat with Bob Sinclair and get the inside scoop on The Sails Music Series! Our next guest finally made some time in his busy schedule for us… it’s Hootie Bowman, author of the Mascot book series and local food hack expert. Then – everyone at the table chimes in on the most local of all local spots for lunch!

Music, Books, and Food. Maybe the most perfect episode ever.

StreetCircleDrive: LRUbbqSWAG

Big show coming your way! We’ve got Aaron Bessey, Associate Athletic Director at Lenoir-Rhyne University, giving us the “state of athletics” for the Bears! Plus a cameo from an awesome program in the Hickory area – SWAG (students with attainable goals) participants take over the mics! And we can’t forget the review of one of our favorite foods… but was it our favorite place?

StreetCircleDrive: NoGuestCircus

While the guest is away, the hosts will play. We’re talking about whatever we want! I mean, as long as it has to do with Hickory. Tune in to find out what Moose thinks about elections, what McNally thinks about socks, and what Mary-Margaret thinks about Circus Hall of Cream.

StreetCircleDrive: ChamberHopsDuck

We welcome Lindsay Keisler, President / CEO of the Catawba County Chamber of Commerce on the mic this episode! Not only did she share her chamber insight and updates, but she shared lunch with us too! After we give you the scoop on some “springtime” updates… we review a restaurant a little off the beaten path. Tune in to find out if we thought it was “Duck N Good” or “Duck N Bad”.