StreetCircleDrive: TinselPhoYou

It’s the holiday season here on StreetCircleDrive and we’re feeling extra festive today. First we address that lovely yet questionable list Hickory has appeared on. Then, what’s that you say? TWO restaurant reviews? Joy to the World! So cozy up to the yule log and listen in as the Hickory hosts share their favorite holiday stories and traditions!

StreetCircleDrive: DowntownHickoryHatch

Coming to you from Downtown Hickory – and discussing Downtown Hickory! We’ve got Connie Kincaid from the HDDA (Hickory Downtown Development Association) with us at the table! How much do you spend downtown? Where’s the best place to park? Find out these answers and more in our first segment.

Next, we stick to the Downtown area and visit another Hickory gem – Hatch Sandwich Bar. Tune in to find out just how many meals Moose and McNally had before the recording.

StreetCircleDrive: MeshFootcandleAngus

The gang from StreetCircleDrive are committed to showcasing some of the best that Hickory has to offer! This episode is no exception, as we discuss our host network, and one of its top shows, Footcandle Films. Chris, co-host of the Footcandle Films podcast, gives us the skinny on the annual film festival, what to expect on their show and some holiday movie recommendations!

In the second half, SCD hits up another Hickory landmark. The Angus Steakhouse on Hwy 70. Known too little, loved by many (especially Mary-Margaret).

Tune in now, for the love of Hickory!

StreetCircleDrive: CandidateLockeHotPotato

It’s election time in Hickory, NC and on StreetCircleDrive. We’ve got mayoral candidate Will Locke joining us at the table! Tune in to hear his thoughts on growth, opportunity, experience, and his plan for Hickory. Of course, we include our restaurant review segment, and this one’s a doozy. We hit up Hot Potato in downtown… and lets just say, the fries may have gotten the best of us.

Don’t forget to get out and vote on November 7th!

StreetCircleDrive: HickoryOktoberfestNomNom

There are a lot of things that we love about Hickory… and Mary-Margaret discovered a few more things to add to the list! Moose breaks down the Oktoberfest events, and McNally drools on the mic in between naps to give us the latest Hickory hot spot review!

StreetCircleDrive: BeerBeerIsabelas

Beer & Oktoberfest…they go together like Peas & Carrots.

StreetCircleDrive: GrowthComicsSnackBar

StreetCircleDive welcomes Nathan Huret, Director of Existing Industry for the Catawba County EDC, to the table for a great discussion on growth in Catawba County in manufacturing and jobs!

Moose fills us in on some events and music in the area, and McNally eats too much – again – at this episodes spotlight restaurant.

StreetCircleDrive: EducationEventsDantes

StreetCircleDrive is back to share some more Hickory love! In this “back to school” episode, we explore the opportunities Hickory has for education, and hear from some special guests who experience it everyday! As always, events and our “local review” round out this episode. So, listen up and tune in to find out just how much McNally really likes buffalo chicken pizza… and so much more!

StreetCircleDrive: BondEventsSonnys

On the kick off episode of StreetCircleDrive, the hosts open their minds and their mouths with thoughts about the City we love, Hickory NC. Up first, an update on “the bond”. How far along are they? Where do we go from here?

With so much to do, we hit on the events around the city and discuss some of our favorites.

Last but not least – what is sure to be our favorite segment each episode – we hit up a local restaurant and gave them our own SCD star rating! Descriptions you don’t want to miss!

Stick around and enjoy some local topics, by local people, for anyone interested in Hickory NC!