Hosted ByAndrew Moose, Michael McNally, Erica Boustead, Clise Plant, Richard Dowdy, & Mark Seaman

What the locals know… or need to know. Current topics and classic spots – the SCD crew will break it down each episode. Each episode we address a local topic, upcoming events, review a Hickory staple, and throw some personal opinions in there as well. We’re big fans of Hickory, NC and think you should be too.

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Hosts Moose and McNally welcome Mark Seaman, Recreation and Sports Tourism Director of the City of Hickory. The gang discusses the great amenities and programs Hickory has to offer. Mark is convinced that Moose and McNally should pick up Pickleball. Also included, a review of Rancho Viejo Mexican Grill. One of Hickory’s fine Mexican food establishments.

Parks, Recreation & Sports Tourism of City of Hickory Website

Rancho Viejo Mexican Grill