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Comedian Kathleen Madigan opens her Pub every week to talk about everything and anything fun in her world. Light bar conversations ranging from her parents to unsolved mysteries, sports to chimpanzee documentaries.

Thanksgiving Day Gambling, Atomic Haircuts, & Embracing Gen Z Vibes

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Florida Orange IPA from 3 Daughters Brewing. She talks about her weekend at The Villages and Gatorland and discusses her plans for Thanksgiving with her family in Missouri.

QUEEN NEWS: Kathleen is thrilled to add new King Jelly Roll to the court, and reports that Queen Dolly’s “Rockstar” movie was fantastic, Cher is promoting her holiday album, and Taylor Swift was welcomed by Brazilian Swifties by projecting her famous “Junior Jewels” t-shirt on the city’s Christ the Redeemer statue.

“GOOD BAD FOOD”: In her quest for delicious not-so-nutritious food, Kathleen samples Herr’s Gameday Wiz Wit chips, Pringles Paprika flavored chips from Iceland, and a gator mixed meat stick.

UPDATES: Kathleen gives updates on the US’s official Panda agreement with China, Pablo Escobar’s hippos are back in the news in Colombia, Shakira reaches a deal to settle her tax fraud trial, the world’s most sought-after whiskey sells for $2.7M,

“HOLY SHIT THEY FOUND IT”: Kathleen is amazed to read about the discovery of imported trees in Greenland that prove that Vikings arrived in North America well before Columbus, and the lost continent Argoland has been discovered hidden beneath jungles.

FRONT PAGE PUB NEWS: Kathleen shares articles on invasive lizards the size of dogs roaming South Carolina, a damaged Banksy mural in Venice will be restored, Missouri’s first Buc-ee’s will open in December, Gen Z workers say they should be hired for their personality rather than productivity, Frontier Airlines’ 2024 “all-you-can-fly” GoWild pass launches, the rarest baseball card goes up to auction, we learn what tiny pockets in jeans are actually for, a “miracle” Virgin Mary statue is weeping at a church in Mexico, and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter has passed away at age 96 years.

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching the Jelly Roll “Save Me” documentary on Hulu, and watching (and rating) her new stand-up Special “Hunting Bigfoot” on Prime Video.