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Madigan’s Pubcast Bonus Episode: “Blood On Their Hands”: A Conversation with Mandy Matney

In this Bonus episode of Madigan’s Pubcast, rockstar journalist and newly published best-selling author Mandy Matney joins Kathleen to discuss true crime, psychopaths, Mandy’s new book, and everything else under the sun.

Kathleen and Termites everywhere have not only followed but become fans of Mandy’s daring and brave coverage of South Carolina’s Murdaugh Murders, detailed in her Murdaugh Murders podcast which has grown into one of her many new projects: True Sunlight.

Mandy’s new book, Blood on Their Hands is OUT NOW! Go to to learn more.

Follow Mandy on social media at:

Instagram: @mandy_matney

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Facebook: @MandyMatneyInvestigates

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