A.I.: Absolute Ignorance with Jon Reep

Hosted ByJon Reep

Jon Reep takes takes a hilarious and light-hearted look at the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence and it's hilarious implications on stand-up comedy

Pancakes, DoorDash, and Alleged Mexican Space Alien Corpses

In this episode, we ponder the mysteries of pancake perfection, where each fluffy flapjack becomes a unique universe of taste and texture.

Then, we take a quantum leap into the world of DoorDash – a portal through which delicious sustenance traverses the space-time continuum to reach your doorstep.

Next, we embark on a whimsical journey to explore the Alleged Space Alien Corpses discovered in Mexico. Are they real?

And as we wrap up this cosmic adventure, we gaze upon the shimmering horizon of beachfront condos. These earthly abodes, perched at the edge of vast, uncharted oceans.

Prepare yourselves for a voyage of curiosity and contemplation, as we marvel at the ordinary, and seek the extraordinary in the everyday. Join us, as we traverse the realms of Pancakes, DoorDash, Mexican Space Aliens, and Beachfront Condos.