Footcandle Films

Hosted ByChris Frye & Alan Jackson

Do you like listening to people talk about films?  What about those films that may not show up at the local multiplex but are instead showing at the smaller specialty theater across town?  Then "Footcandle Films" may be the show for you.


Alan & Chris complete the Oppenhauntarbie challenge. What’s that you say? Instead of discussing two of the summer’s biggest films OPPENHEIMER and BARBIE back to back, we opted to slot last week’s HAUNTED MANSION review in between. So…here at long last you can hear what our hosts make of director Greta Gerwig’s summer blockbuster take on the popular plastic doll. What big film releases are left for 2023? Crossing their fingers that the announced dates hold, Alan & Chris mull over what they think could be some interesting titles.

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