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Do you like listening to people talk about films?  What about those films that may not show up at the local multiplex but are instead showing at the smaller specialty theater across town?  Then "Footcandle Films" may be the show for you.

Do you like listening to people talk about films?  What about those films that may not show up at the local multiplex but are instead showing at the smaller specialty theater across town?  Then “Footcandle Films” may be the show for you.  Each month, the hosts discuss and review one “smaller” film in-depth, discuss upcoming film news, and give recommendations on films that you may not be aware of, ones that you haven’t remembered in a while, or ones that are worth your time checking out.  And all the while, the conversation never gets too “high-brow” or pretentious.  Just two guys who enjoy talking about movies.

Your Hosts: 

Alan Jackson is the co-founder of Footcandle Film Society and resides in Hickory, NC. He enjoys a wide variety of films – but mainly those of Martin Scorsese, his all time favorite Director. Despite liking smaller, independent films, Alan also likes films with giant monsters or where animals talk. Alan also thinks Citizen Kane deserves every bit of credit it ever gets.


Chris Frye, the other co-founder of Footcandle Film Society, is a fan of directors such as Stanley Kubrick, Terry Gilliam, and David Gordon Green. He lives in Newton, NC and has always been a movie buff. His favorite actors range from Steve Coogan to Christoph Waltz to Jeff Bridges. You may be surprised to know he has never seen Dirty Dancing or Pretty in Pink (gasp!)

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I’m Thinking of Bill & Ted

2020 has been pretty strange. A third installment in the Bill & Ted series almost makes sense. Alan & Chris discuss the cinematic oddity as well as the new…well, yes odd – but in a completely different way – Charlie Kaufman film “I’m Thinking of Ending Things”. For the trailer tapas section the hosts discuss the new “Dune” and “Freaky” trailers and then indulge in some extremely early Oscar prediction talk. As per the tried and true formula, they round out the episode with some film recommendations.

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Tesla Boys State

Two new films…two new reviews. First up we talk about the documentary that was a hit at Sundance – “Boys State”. For our second review, we discuss the one-of-a-kind biopic “Tesla” starring Ethan Hawke. For our Trailer Tapas portion of the show, we discuss “The Batman”, “Spontaneous” and “On the Rocks”. Last, but not least, we wrap with our recommendations of films you might want to revisit or check out for the first time.

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An American First Cow Pickle

In this episode of Footcandle Films Alan & Chris review two movies that reflect on the challenges of starting your own business and capitalism. One is director Kelly Reichardt’s period drama “First Cow”, the other is the comedy “An American Pickle” starring Seth Rogen in a dual role. After the reviews, Alan leads an “It Sounds Like It Could Be Good?” segment. The hosts close out the show with recommendations of films you might want to seek out.

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The Rental Greyhound

Movie theaters might be closed but new films are still coming out and we’ve got reviews of two of them. First up is the AppleTV+ exclusive World War II action-drama “Greyhound” starring Tom Hanks. For our second review, we look at the much smaller-scale indie horror film “The Rental” starring Dan Stevens & Alison Brie. For our Trailer Tapas portion of the podcast, we focus on Charlie Kaufman’s “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” and the new Seth Rogen vehicle “An American Pickle”. Chris then shares two bits of silver screen news before the hosts wrap the episode with their recommendations of films you might have missed or should revisit.

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Eurovision Fire Saga Truth

Looking for a few laughs? Alan and Chris review the latest Will Farrell film that just hit Netflix. Looking for a dramatic film with great performances? The hosts discuss “The Truth” from director Hirokazu Koreeda. Afterward, Chris shares some silver screen news and Alan jumps on his cinematic soapbox for a brief rant. Closing out the episode each host gives recommendations of films you might consider screening.

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You Should Have Left Shirley

You’ve made it through all the episodes of Tiger King and watched all the movies that HBO has to offer. Looking for something else to watch? Alan & Chris review two new arrivals “You Should Have Left” and “Shirley” that might be right up your alley. If they’re not in your cinematic wheelhouse they each offer a recommendation of an older film that can be easily watched on an online service. Gazing into their crystal ball of movie news the hosts also discuss three upcoming films that sound promising in their “Sounds Like It Could Be Good?” segment.

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Footcandle Films: Da 5 Bloods of Staten Island

Director Spike Lee has followed up his Oscar winning “BlacKkKlansman” with the Vietnam War centered drama “Da 5 Bloods” which just premiered on Netflix June 12th. Director Judd Apatow, known for his comedies “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”, “Knocked Up” and “Trainwreck”, has a new film that’s a semi-biographical take on SNL star Pete Davidson called “The King of Staten Island”. Our hosts dive into both films as well as indulge in a bit of Trailer Tapas by discussing two previews for soon to be released comedies. Alan then dusts off the old cinematic soapbox and discusses the idea of the Oscars moving their eligibility date. Last but not least both hosts give recommendations of films you should check out.

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Footcandle Films: Lovebirds Trip to Greece

In this episode, Alan & Chris review two comedies. Both relationship-based, both heavily dependent on the chemistry between the two leads…and both couldn’t be more different in their style and execution. “The Trip to Greece” starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, and “The Lovebirds” starring Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani. The hosts also discuss some movie news tidbits and wrap the show with recommendations of films you might want to check out.

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Footcandle Films: Extra Ordinary Assistant

Every now and then we really hit the cinematic extremes on the podcast. This episode is a perfect example. One film reviewed is a minimalist, harrowing tale of harassment in the workplace. The other film is an almost joke-a-minute comedy starring Will Forte. Variety…it’s the spice of life right? Also featured on the episode are bits of movie news and recommendations of other films to check out.

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Footcandle Films: Trolls World The Way Back

Due to shuttered movie theaters, Universal Studios released one of their big films for 2020 direct to online rental. Chris & Alan use this opportunity to discuss “Trolls World Tour” and then spend some time talking about Ben Affleck’s latest vehicle “The Way Back”. Chris then plays a news anchor for some silver screen updates. Rounding out the episode, each host gives a film recommendation you can use to occupy some of your quarantine time.

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