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Comedian Kathleen Madigan opens her Pub every week to talk about everything and anything fun in her world. Light bar conversations ranging from her parents to unsolved mysteries, sports to chimpanzee documentaries.

Mardi Gras Zulu Coconuts, Cocaine Hippos, & The Hotel That Beanie Babies Emptied

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Beignet Au Lait Blonde Ale from Faubourg Brewing Company in New Orleans. She reviews her fun weekend in New Orleans, touring St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, buying art in Jackson Square, eating gumbo at the Oceana Grill, and a sold-out show at the Joy Theater.

QUEEN NEWS: Kathleen shares Mardi Gras beads with the Court, and advises that Queen Tanya Tucker helped Wynonna close The Judd’s final weekend of touring.

“GOOD BAD FOOD”: In her quest for delicious not-so-nutritious food, Kathleen samples Zapp’s Evil Eye kettle chips, Elmer’s New Orleans CheeWees, and Swamp Dragon Bourbon Hot Sauce.

UPDATES: Kathleen gives updates on Pablo Escobar’s cocaine hippos, and Ralphie the Jerk Frenchie’s training progress.

“HOLY SHIT THEY FOUND IT”: Kathleen is amazed to read about the discovery of a new Moai statue on Easter Island, a rare Jurassic-era bug is found at an Arkansas Walmart, mysterious 60-foot dragon bones are uncovered in China, and an 1869 shipwreck is found in Lake Superior.

FRONT PAGE PUB NEWS: Kathleen shares articles on the history of New Orleans’ Krewe of Zulu and their lucky Mardi Gras coconuts, the last surviving original member of Lynyrd Skynyrd dies at age 71, a new report finds that only 50% of murders are solved., Prince Harry broadcasts a live session with a trauma expert, the governor of Tennessee signs a historic bill restricting drag showsAdidas has $500M worth of Kanye sneakers and no good options, and the Beanie Baby founder is holding a legendary California hotel “hostage.”

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching her new stand-up Special “Hunting Bigfoot” on Prime Video.