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Hosted ByKathleen Madigan

Comedian Kathleen Madigan opens her Pub every week to talk about everything and anything fun in her world. Light bar conversations ranging from her parents to unsolved mysteries, sports to chimpanzee documentaries.

Six Flags Daycare, Chinese Weather Rods, & The Start of The Mississippi River

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Pilsner beer from Bemidji Brewing. She shares details of her weekend trip to her friend’s cabin in Minnesota, visiting the headwaters of the Mississippi River in Itasca State Park, pike fishing, and consuming as much delicious beer as possible.

“GOOD BAD FOOD”: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Lay’s Smooth Ranch Dip, Ruffles Spicy Dill Pickle Chips, and Lay’s Cheetos Cheese Flavored Potato Chips, which combines two of her favorite snack foods.

THE QUEEN’S COURT: Kathleen reports that Queen Stevie Nicks has announced a Halloween concert in Huntsville, AL.

UPDATES: Kathleen gives an update on the latest baseball card to set a record at auction and the Brinks heist in California.

“HOLY SHIT THEY FOUND IT”: Kathleen is amazed to read about the discovery of dinosaur prints in Texas’ Dinosaur Valley State Park, a Nazi warship is found in the drought-ladened Danube River, and a drought-hit dam reveals a Spanish Stonehenge.

FRONT PAGE PUB NEWS: Kathleen shares articles about the “Man of the Hole,” a Missouri school district is reinstating spanking with parental approval, Hungary fires its top 2 weather officials over an incorrect weather forecast, Six Flags CEO realizes that their theme parks are being used as daycare and the Chinese are seeding clouds to prevent drought.

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