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A Bigfoot Noodling Murder, Secret Polar Bears, & Celebrating Bomb Pops

Kathleen opens the show drinking a State Park Blonde Ale from Tennessee Brew Works in Nashville.

“GOOD BAD FOOD”: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Extra Toasty Cheez-It crackers, which she loves. She moves on to taste Brianna’s Classic Buttermilk Ranch, which she likes but thinks it’s very tangy and would recommend using it as a dip. She finishes her tasting with Old El Paso Zesty Ranch Sauce, which she thinks is a strange color and feels as though it would ruin a good taco.

THE QUEEN’S COURT: Kathleen gives updates on the Queens: Tanya is on fire touring all summer, and Queen Dolly just expanded her Imagination Library into Maine.

UPDATES: Kathleen gives updates on Boris Becker’s imprisonment, Alex Murdaugh is finally disbarred as he awaits murder charges in South Carolina, and jailed Alabama prisoner Casey White is indicted on a murder charge for the shooting death of Vicky White.

“HOLY SHIT THEY FOUND IT”: Kathleen is amazed to read about the discovery of a double-sided Van Gogh painting, and a secret population of polar bears is found living in an impossible habitat in Greenland.

BIGFOOT NOODLING MURDER: Kathleen is amused reading the details in an article where an Oklahoma noodler says Bigfoot made him kill his fishing partner. Listen to Kathleen’s opinions on Noodling in her bit from her Bothering Jesus special on Netflix.

STARBUCKS TO CLOSE DOWNTOWN STORES IN “WOKE” CITIES: Kathleen reads an announcement from Starbuckswhere the chain will permanently close 16 of its stores across the US after staff are accosted by customers high on drugs. The cities impacted generally have high homeless populations, and recently leaked footage of CEO Howard Schultz revealed the coffee-chain executive blaming local “woke” elected officials for an environment in which it’s too hostile to operate stores.

TOURIST FALLS INTO MOUNT VESUVIUS: In continuing with her love of stupid tourist stories, Kathleen is amused reading an article about an American who had to be rescued on Mount Vesuvius near Naples after he apparently slipped into the Italian volcano’s crater while trying to recover his fallen cellphone after attempting to take a selfie in a

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GAP?” Kathleen reads an article about the history of The Gap store, and the rise and fall of the iconic brand as their latest CEO steps down in an effort to reorganize and move towards profitability.

TOP CITY TO TRAVEL & TRAVEL + WORK REMOTELY IN: Kathleen laughs reading that Kansas City has been namedthe best city in the world to work during the day and explore after hours without having to use too much of your PTO time, according to a recent analysis from Icelandair.

DOUBLE DECKER AIRLINE SEATS: Kathleen scoffs reading an article outlining the latest concept in air travel that she believes will make Economy class even more uncomfortable: the Chaise Longue Economy Seat Project, which envisages a dual-level seat cabin with each row alternating between on-floor seating, and seats elevated a few feet above the ground.

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching “The Girl From Plainville” on Hulu.

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