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Two stand-up comedians and “Last Comic Standing” winners, John Heffron and Jon Reep. They talk about a variety of different topics, all focused around entertaining you the listener

Just Some Good Ol’ Boys (with John Schneider)

Join comedians John Heffron and Jon Reep as they welcome the original Bo Duke to the show… John Schneider! John joins John and Jon to talk about his latest movie POKER RUN, retro lunchboxes, and Heffron’s film ideas.

About POKER RUN: John Schneider is taking fans on another wild ride in his new movie, POKER RUN (Maven Entertainment). Schneider wrote, directed and stars in this highly anticipated sequel, while his wife and filmmaking partner Alicia Allain produced the project. Poker Run marks the tenth movie the dynamic duo has made together and it’s also the follow up to the very successful Stand On It, a Smokey and the Bandit tribute they released in 2020.

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