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Comedian Kathleen Madigan opens her Pub every week to talk about everything and anything fun in her world. Light bar conversations ranging from her parents to unsolved mysteries, sports to chimpanzee documentaries.

Toxic Positivity, Skyquakes, & Aretha Franklin

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Black Cherry White Claw and providing listeners with an update on the success of her March Madness bracket in the Madigan Family pool.

UPDATE ON KATHLEEN’S QUEEN’S COURT: In an update on her Queens, Kathleen tells the Termites that Dolly Parton has her own ice cream flavor called Strawberry Pretzel Pie, which will be available from Jeni’s Ice Cream. Tanya Tucker has released a duet of “You Ain’t Woman Enough” on Loretta Lynn’s 2021 release of “Still Woman Enough,” and Kathleen wishes Queen Chaka a very happy belated birthday which was March 23rd.

“BAD GOOD FOOD”: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food AND in continuing her search for the best Ranch, Kathleen samples Hidden Valley Ranch Garlic Parmesan Cheese Dip with a Ritz cracker, which she loves, as she does her next snack: Cheez-It Loaded White Cheddar Popcorn. Then in the spirit of March Madness, as she has watched (and bet on) every game, Kathleen picks up the new Wendy’s Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit as Charles Barkley and Greg Gumbel mention on CBS broadcasts that it is the official breakfast of the tournament. Kathleen had such strong feelings regarding the sandwich that she posted a separate commentary video on YouTube.

CHINA + NEPAL AGREE TO HEIGHT OF EVEREST: As a follow up to Episode 33’s Everest story, Kathleen reads an article announcing that after years of dispute, China and Nepal have agreed that Everest’s official height is 29,032 feet.

NEW MH370 DETAILS CLAIM A COVER-UP: As her Termites know, Kathleen has a long-going commitment to finding out what happened to the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 as detailed in her bit “Malaysian Flt 370.” When the plane crossed over into Vietnamese airspace, the co-pilot didn’t engage their air traffic control and an assumption lingers that all tracking devices had been disabled so that it could vanish. Kathleen is thrilled to read the news that Florence de Changy is a Far-Eastern correspondent who covered the case in detail, is releasing a new book alluding to a cover-up by the authorities.

PRINCE HARRY’S NEW JOBS: Kathleen follows up on her Episode 31 update on the ongoings of Harry & Meghan in their new life in the US. Kathleen has never been a fan of the British Royal Family and is amused at the drama surrounding the couple’s departure from royal life. She reads the latest press advising that Harry has joined Silicon Valley startup BetterUp as their chief impact officer (which Kathleen calls a made-up title,) and he has also joined Aspen Institute’s new Commission on Information Disorder (which Kathleen feels as though he is COMPLETELY unqualified to formally manage.)

THE QUEEN OF SOUL: Kathleen LOVES soul music, and she’s a massive fan of Aretha Franklin’s recordings. She’s read 3 biographies discussing Aretha’s life, and after watching Nat Geo’s “Genius: Aretha” series Kathleen has headed to Muscle Shoals, AL to play golf and tour FAME Recording Studios and Muscle Shoals Sound Studio. She intends to enjoy some sunshine, a few beers, and gather as much information as she can about some of her favorite iconic singers immersing themselves in the Muscle Shoals Sound.

POOP IN A BOX: Kathleen tells listeners about another Theranos-like startup company that has been charged in a $60M fraud scheme. Jessica Richman, who founded uBiome was indicted on multiple federal conspiracy charges last week. uBiome’s direct-to-consumer service called “Gut Explorer” required customers to submit fecal samples to be analyzed in a lab to detect diseases such as colon cancer. As the daughter of a lawyer, Kathleen laughs out loud at ANY thoughts of requesting that she “mail her shit in a box.”

USVI BOAT MURDER: Kathleen reviews an investigation in the US Virgin Islands involving the disappearance of British woman Sarm Heslop from her American boyfriend’s boat. Heslop vanished without a trace on March 7 after she and Ryan Bane had drinks in Frank’s Bay, St. John. Bane told investigators they had returned to his catamaran that night and he awoke in the early hours to find his girlfriend gone. Being an avid fan of the ID Channel, Kathleen goes into her own thoughts on what happened that night ☺

VAN GOUGH PAINTING EMERGES FROM HIDING: Kathleen can’t believe an article that she shares announcing that the Vincent Van Gogh painting “A Street Scene In Montmartre,” which has been owned by a French family since it was created in 1887, has been released for auction. 

SAN DIEGO MYSTERY BOOMS: Kathleen discusses the “skyquakes” that have been heard in the San Diego area over the past few months. The sound lights up social media and resembles the explosion of a heavy piece of artillery that can be accounted for by none of the known laws of nature. Many locals mistake the noise for an earthquake, but the US Geological Survey said seismic-activity sensors recorded nothing. Kathleen asks Termites based in that area to share their thoughts on what they feel is causing the noise.

TOXIC POSITIVITY: Kathleen is amused by but also has a lack of trust in people who are always hyper-positive. She’s THRILLED to read an article from a leading psychologist taking the opinion that while over-indulgent positivity it is well-intentioned, toxic positivity suppresses emotions which can then lead to stronger negative emotions such as anxiety and depression. The doc defines Toxic positivity as the belief that no matter how dire or difficult a situation is, people should maintain a positive mindset which makes Kathleen’s head explode as she pours another beer and calls her sister to catch up on family gossip.

LONG-LOST 1634 SETTLEMENT FOUND: Kathleen is excited to share with Termites that St. Mary’s City has been discovered in Maryland after 90 years of research. The colony was settled in 1634 by Catholics fleeing England after being. Accused of starting the Great London Fire of 1666. Kathleen applauds the endeavors of the archaeologists, and she’s amused at how jealous her mom and Jeff Foxworthy will be to hear that ancient arrowheads were found (as both are adamant arrowhead collectors.)

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen recommends watching the new HBO documentary “Tina” about Tina Turner, and also “Genius: Aretha” which is a Discovery Channel original available on DiscoveryGO and Hulu.