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Comedian Kathleen Madigan opens her Pub every week to talk about everything and anything fun in her world. Light bar conversations ranging from her parents to unsolved mysteries, sports to chimpanzee documentaries.

Questionable Tuna, Short Sellers, & Pablo’s Hippos

Kathleen opens the show wearing her Logboat Brewing beanie and drinking Logboat’s Yeah Buoy in preparation for Super Bowl LV in Tampa, FL. She explains the history of the NFL in St. Louis and why she is now cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs instead of the LA Rams or the Arizona Cardinals, as well as her predictions for the outcome of this year’s Super Bowl. Kathleen continues her sporting news with an update that her Fredbird beer stein is progressing and now facing sideways after the St. Louis Cardinals recent acquisition of superstar Third Baseman Nolen Arenado. She maintains that Fredbird “refuses” to face forward until the Cardinals sign Kolten Wong for the 2021 season.

“BAD GOOD FOOD”: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food, Kathleen tries M&M flavored SnackPop, which mixes popcorn with a favorite candy such as M&M’s and Twix candy bars. She’s never heard of people mixing candy into popcorn at the movies, and doesn’t understand or like the taste of this mix. Kathleen then moves onto tasting Oreo’s latest creation, Lady Gaga-themed “Chromatica” Oreos which are designed to inspire kindness, and then tells listeners a story involving a recent hillbilly experience at one of her favorite BBQ places.

OOPS OKLAHOMA: Kathleen laughs at the absurdity of an article stating that the Oklahoma Department of Health purchased a stockpile of hydroxychloroquine for $2 million last Spring after former President Trump promoted the use of the antimalarial drug as a treatment for COVID-19, despite a lack of evidence. The department is now trying to sell the doses either back to the company it purchased them from, CA-based distributor FFF Enterprises, or to another buyer.

MILITIAMEN CRUMBLING: As a follow up to Episode 10, Kathleen updates listeners that almost 3 months after the arrest of the Michigan Wolverine Watchmen, a Michigan man is the first in the group to plead guilty to his alleged role in the foiled plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Ty Garbin agreed to “fully cooperate” with the FBI in exchange for leniency, including testifying against his cohorts if called upon.

CELEBRITY HOLMES: Kathleen updates listeners on the pre-trial efforts against Elizabeth Holmes, the disgraced founder of blood-testing company Theranos. Prosecutors allege that Holmes’ motivation behind the crimes she’s accused of committing was to keep her fame and wealth, gracing magazine covers, charming potential billionaire donors, and hob-knobbing with celebrities in an effort to draw increased exposure to both her and her company. Kathleen cheers on the sentencing of Holmes, and hopes to see the villainous sociopath spend decades in federal prison.

MORE MALAYSIAN FLT 370: It’s commonly known that Kathleen has an obsession regarding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, as depicted in her bit “Malaysian Flight 370“ from her Bothering Jesus special on Netflix. She provides an update that ocean microphones may have recorded the lost jet’s crash in a location thousands of miles from the search sites.

POMPEII’S ANTIQUARIUM: In continuing with her overview of Pompeii, Italy, Kathleen reads a tourist advisory that after 40 years, Pompeii’s Antiquarium museum has reopened to the public to showcase more archaeological treasures.

SUBWAY’S QUESTIONABLE TUNA: Kathleen reads an article advising that the Irish Supreme Court has ruled that Subway bread isn’t legally bread, and another about a lawsuit that was recently filed against the sandwich chain by 2 consumers upset that Subway’s tuna isn’t actually tuna fish. Kathleen reads other past lawsuits that have been filed against the chain, tells listeners that if the lack of actual tuna in the mixture doesn’t scare you off, watch this disgusting video filmed by a former Subway employee as he makes the tuna salad.

ANIMALS MOST LIKELY TO KILL YOU BY STATE: Kathleen continues with the segment Animals Most Likely to Kill You (By State), as reported by the Center for Disease Control. If you live in Massachusetts beware of dangerous stinging insects, and in Michigan know that dog bites and attacks have been on the rise for years.

SNOWY OWL SPOTTED IN CENTRAL PARK: Kathleen is excited to read about a rare sighting of a snowy owl in New York City’s Central Park last week for the first time in 130 years. Snowy Owls generally isolate from high-activity areas, so bird watchers believe that rare occurrence is another result of the COVID pandemic. Kathleen shares a tweet with a video embedded of the owl enjoying time in the Park, and tells listeners to also watch a separate but extremely cool video of a Snowy Owl almost hitting a traffic camera in Montreal last year.

GAMESTOP SHORT SELLERS: Kathleen provides listeners with an update on the Reddit group that caused last week’s GameStop stock to surge. A band of young day traders coordinated on Reddit to drive up the share price of struggling companies, including GameStop, BlackBerry, and AMC Theatres. Kathleen discusses both sides of the incident, applauding the Millennials and Gen Zers for taking on the short sellers and shaking up the establishment.

PABLO ESCOBAR’S HIPPOS: Kathleen reads an article regarding hippopotamuses that were brought to Colombia as part of deceased drug lord Pablo Escobar’s private zoo located at his ranch, Hacienda Napoles. Local Columbian researchers are alarmed that the herd has bred so successfully and advise that there is serious concern over their environmental impact and human safety. Kathleen provides her own thoughts on the effort it would take to cull a single hippo, let alone an entire herd of the species.

LIZZIE BORDEN’S HOUSE IS FOR SALE: In feeding her love for the HGTV show House Hunters, Kathleen reads an announcement that murderer Lizzie Borden’s house is for sale in Fall River, MA. She muses over how “Maplecroft Mansion,” which is now Bed & Breakfast and museum, would be listed and reviewed if ever included on an episode House Hunters.

CIRCULAR RUNWAYS: Kathleen laughs at a recent proposed design plan for “circular runways,” which are anticipated to revolutionize commercial aviation through increasing airport capacity. She reviews the logistics of the planned layout and movement, and compares the runways to roundabouts when first introduced in the US. Kathleen then describes a local St. Louis article released (including a safety diagram) when a roundabout was implemented in the city, advising local drivers “tips” on how to navigate the new roadway.