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Comedian Kathleen Madigan opens her Pub every week to talk about everything and anything fun in her world. Light bar conversations ranging from her parents to unsolved mysteries, sports to chimpanzee documentaries.

The Zodiac Killer, Python Jerky, & Cryptocurrency Rises

Kathleen opens the show tasting one of her new favorite wines: a cabernet sauvignon from Haber Family Vineyards that was given to her as a Christmas present from her good friends Nancy & Mark.  

DOLLY PARTON QUOTE: Kathleen reads a Dolly Parton quote involving her songs and children.  

DOLLY’S 75th BIRTHDAY IS APPROACHING: Kathleen reminds listeners that Dolly’s 75th birthday is approaching, and she provides an address to send birthday cards to Dolly: PO Box 150307 Nashville, TN 37215-0307

Kathleen feels as though this birthday should be a true celebration, not only because Dolly is her favorite “queen” in the Pub, but also because Dolly is a badass senior citizen from her philanthropic efforts to considering posing for Playboy at age 75. 

“BAD GOOD FOOD”: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious junk food, Kathleen describes to listeners Cheetos Bold n Cheesy Mac n Cheese, which she’s excited to make because Cheetos are one of her favorite snacks on the planet.  She follows up the segment with a sweet treat that always excites her: cookies from The Honolulu Cookie Company, which she was thrilled to receive from her friend Lorene.

BANKSY MURALS DEFACED IN NEW ORLEANS: Kathleen follows up on earlier Pubcast episodes discussing Banksy murals, disclosing that she wasn’t previously aware that there are 2 of his murals located in New Orleans.  A recent news report out of the city states that Banksy works “The Gray Ghost” and “Umbrella. Girl” were defaced with other graffiti bearing the words “Team Robbo” and “King Robbo,” respectively. The graffitied words refer to a rivalry between Banksy and the late British street artist King Robbo. 

DOG-SIZED LIZARDS SPREADING IN SOUTHERN US: As a follow up to Episode Five, Kathleen tells listeners that the Tegu Lizards (who are native to South America) have taken over the Florida Everglades and are migrating to GA, SC, AL, and TX.

PYTHON JERKY: Kathleen is horrified to report that Florida scientists are working to confirm whether Burmese pythons are safe for human consumption.  The species has taken over the Florida Everglades, and the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission are investigating the mercury levels in the snakes to determine if they are safe to be eaten.  Kathleen goes on to describe recipes that a female python hunter claims to be safe and delicious, and scoffs at the hunter’s recommendation that the snakes make unbelievably flavorful jerky. 

FAST FOOD IN POMPEII: In alignment with Kathleen’s love of history, she shares an article with listeners that a “fast food” counter was recently uncovered in Pompeii. Since the restaurant seemed to be evacuated in a rushed manner, she speculates on the activity in the building when the eruption occurred. Kathleen then tells listeners about her own trip to Pompeii as part of a vacation when she took her mom to Rome to see the Vatican. 

DROWNING PELOTON: Kathleen laughs out loud as she reads how the primary founder of the Peloton bike, John Foley, prepares both himself and his workout area every morning prior to his class.  She reads about the ups and downs of Peloton’s financial history, crushing its stock with its 2019 Christmas commercial, and now its souring stock while everyone is forced out of gyms amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  Kathleen recreates that fatal commercial that would spark her own motivation.

CRYPTOCURRENCY RISES:  As listeners know, Kathleen has been following and investing in cryptocurrency for years.  Her primary Crypto investment is with Ethereum, which she chose based on its cool logo.  Kathleen reviews the history of cryptocurrency, boasts about the ingenuity of the Winklevoss twins to predict the rise of Bitcoin, and shares all of her excitement about cryptocurrency becoming more mainstream as an NFL player has recently requested to be paid in Bitcoin, Paypal accepts Bitcoin, and Facebook has announced the launch of their own cryptocurrency. 

THE ZODIAC KILLER: In continuing with her interest in serial killers, Kathleen talks about the recent announcement that codebreakers have claimed to have solved the 51-year-old Zodiac Killer puzzle. She reviews all of the known detail in the unresolved cases and identity of this evil man, and tells listeners to watch “The Most Dangerous Animal Of All” on Hulu.

THE MOST PROLIFIC SERIAL KILLER OF ALL TIME: Kathleen closes the Pub with detailed information about Samuel Little, who has claimed 93 murders by strangulation in the US.