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Comedian Kathleen Madigan opens her Pub every week to talk about everything and anything fun in her world. Light bar conversations ranging from her parents to unsolved mysteries, sports to chimpanzee documentaries.

Cryptocurrency, Chess Masters, and Murder Hornets

Kathleen opens the show pouring a beer from her limited-edition Nelly Budweiser, reading all of the St. Louis references printed on the can.  She moves into congratulating the queens in her pub (Stevie Nicks, Tanya Tucker, Cher, and Dolly Parton) for being less mouthy in the press this past week, especially at the conclusion of the 2020 Presidential Election.

DOLLY PARTON QUOTE: Kathleen reads a Dolly Parton quote on feminism.

GAS STATION FOOD: In her quest for new and delicious not-so-nutritious fast food, Kathleen has been to Target with her mom and discovered Red Velvet Chips Ahoy, and the new NFL Football-themed Spaghettio’s, which are one of her absolute favorite foods. She reads the ingredients on the pasta can for the first time in her life, and admits to not knowing what Riboflavin is.

Kathleen moves on to review the much-anticipated Busch Dog Brew, which she looks forward to sharing with her friend Ron White’s French Bulldog, Mustard.

FAN SHOUTOUT: Kathleen reads a tweet from a fan on Twitter named @hannahgutrich , telling people to watch Kathleen’s “red special” formally entitled “Bothering Jesus” on Netflix.

PAT ROBERTSON: Kathleen reads a recent article involving 90-year-old televangelist Pat Robertson and his latest predictions about Trump winning the election, and that an asteroid will strike the globe and fulfill the word of Jesus.  She tells people to stop giving donations to Robertson because he’s predicted the end of the world twice and it didn’t happen.  Kathleen leaves the article vowing to look up the proper definition of “End Times.”

ST. LOUIS GUN COUPLE: The famous St Louis based couple who were photographed waving guns at racial injustice protesters during a BLM protest, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, have filed a lawsuit against the local United Press International photographer who captured the story.  Kathleen makes note of the Halloween costumes this year that were mocking the couple.

RIP ALEX TREBEK: Kathleen is a long-time fan of Jeopardy, and is deeply saddened when she talks about the passing of the show’s host Alex Trebek.

VEGAS HOTELS ADJUSTING HOURS: Vegas has been experimenting with midweek property closures in order to conserve money as they wait out the pandemic.  Kathleen reveals her thoughts on this action, and remains hopeful that her favorite casino, The Mirage, is able to open as soon as it’s safe to do so.

GREAT WHITE UNAMA’KI UPDATE: As listeners know, Kathleen loves sharks.  She follows many sharks on Twitter, and one of her favorites to monitor is a 15-foot Great White named Unama’ki.  This shark was tagged by Osearch off the coast of Nova Scotia in September 2019, and has recently pinged from a location off Key Largo.

MORE NOODLING: Kathleen takes her “Noodling” joke further telling listeners about a Gender Reveal video that she watched on YouTube.  An Oklahoma couple announced to family and friends that they were having a baby girl in the most redneck way possible.

ELECTION 2020 UPDATE: In the spirit of important political agendas, Kathleen reviewed the betting odds on the 2020 US Presidential election and bet $200 on Joe Biden to win.  She reviews the offshore gambling site that she went to in order to place the bet, and hopes that her payout will be sent soon so that she can use the winnings to bet on her Fantasy Football picks.  She then goes into the issues with Nevada not being able to close out their vote counting in a timely manner, which she feels is ironic since Vegas is all about numbers and stats.  Kathleen recommends that they empower their gambling union workers to pitch in and help finalize the outstanding votes.

Kathleen reviews Kentucky’s roads, and asks that now that Kentuckians have chosen Mitch McConnell (aka “the Talking Turtle”) as their senator to please have them beg McConnell to fix their roads so that her drive to St. Louis is less miserable.  She then reviews the humor surrounding Rudy Giuliani’s Four Seasons Landscaping press conference to discuss his intent to challenge the presidential election results on behalf of Trumpy, and she wonders why his team didn’t actually move the rally to the Philadelphia Four Seasons Hotel when they mistakenly sent the crowd and reporters to the landscaping business in the sketchy area of city.

CRUISE SHIP COVID RELEASE: Kathleen reviews the CDC’s latest move to lift the cruise ship ban in US waters, which has been put in place in the wake of COVID-19.  She reviews the conditions that need to be met to sail, and then the further phase “mock voyages.” She says she would never participate in a mock voyage or a real one in the age of pandemics.

CHESS BECOMES COOL AGAIN: Kathleen reviews “Queen’s Gambit” on Netflix, and then takes us down a rabbit hole telling listeners stories about when chess was cool in the 1970’s.  She remembers watching Bobby Fischer in the World Chess Championship on Wild World of Sports as a child, and tells listeners to watch the movies “Pawn Sacrifice” and “Searching for Bobby Fischer.”

MURDER HORNETS: Kathleen announces that the Asian giant hornet has arrived in North America. Photographs are becoming more common showing how viciously this insect has attacked honeybees elsewhere in the world: it crawls into hives and rips off the heads of bees in large numbers, which is where it gets the reference “Murder Hornet.”

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen tells listeners to watch “The Queen’s Gambit” on Netflix.

MYSTERY OF THE WEEK: Kathleen discusses the mystery behind The Bennington Trianglein Vermont, and its unexplained disappearances and other abnormalities.