Health & Fitness – Wearables

Whether you are wondering how technology can help achieve your health and fitness goals, trying to decide which tech equipment/sensors are worth paying for or just wanting to hear Brian show off to his big brother? This episode is for you! In the first episode of our Health & Fitness series, the Brothers (well…Brian) discuss the benefits and features of wearables, and considerations you should make when purchasing.

In addition, the “BiTS” (Brothers in Tech Suggestions):

  • Brian’s Pick = Garmin Instinct Solar ($399) fitness watch. Yes, it is expensive…but this solar powered fitness watch provides GPS, HR, altimeter, compass, accelerometer, temperature, pulse oximeter…and can provide up to 56 days of battery life. Great option for the outdoor fitness enthusiast.
  • Alan’s Pick = Ted Lasso on Apple TV+.  Ummmm…a television show…on a fitness podcast.  In all fairness, the show does focus on soccer (sorry…English football), so I guess that is something. It is a great show though…
  • Brian’s 2nd Pick (to make up for Alan): Wyze Band. Looking for a fitness band that provides a lot of great features (e.g., touch screen, HR, sleep monitoring, water-resistant, Alexa built-in, notifications) at an affordable price ($24.99)? Check this out.  We love what these guys are doing…

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