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Comedian Kathleen Madigan opens her Pub every week to talk about everything and anything fun in her world. Light bar conversations ranging from her parents to unsolved mysteries, sports to chimpanzee documentaries.

Noodling, Lost Tribes, and Michigan Militia

Kathleen opens the show pouring a glass of Erath pinot noir, and introduces the newest guest to the Pub: Tanya Tucker, who was a birthday gift from Ron White.  Kathleen loves that her Guatamalean friends refer to Ron as “Grande Rubio,” even though he isn’t blonde anymore.

Kathleen reads a Dolly Parton quote involving the time involved to perfect Dolly’s hair.

“GAS STATION or ROAD” FOOD: Kathleen revisits her desire for her favorite breakfast tacos (outside of Texas), which are made by Loves Truck Stops.  Her goof friend and comedian Kelly MacFarland shares her own fave hangover food when a Loves isn’t accessible, which is any of the Jimmy Dean Breakfast Roll Ups.

With Ruby Tuesday filing for bankruptcy, Kathleen discusses her favorite options for dinner on the road including Longhorn Steakhouse (Kathleen loves their house salad and thinks they have the best Ranch dressing on the planet.)

STEVIE NICKS PANDEMIC RESPONSE: Kathleen provides an update from a new interviewon the latest statements pertaining to the COVID pandemic from Fleetwood Mac frontwoman Stevie Nicks, who is incredibly upset that a large group of the general population refuse to wear masks to stop the spread of the virus.  Stevie states that she is depressed because she can’t tour due to the pandemic, and has written a new song called “Show Them The Way.” Kathleen does her best Stevie impression singing a few bars of the new tune.

MALAYSIAN FLIGHT 370 UPDATE: Fans of Kathleen know that she is obsessed with the missing airplane as depicted in her bit referencing the incident.  She provides breaking newsthat an Australian fisherman has found airplane parts washed up on a beach in North Queensland.

FACEBOOK’S QUANON BAN: Kathleen is delighted that a recent Facebook move has banned QAnon from its platform.

EVEL KNIEVAL VS DISNEY: Kathleen reads breaking news that Evel Knieval’s son Kelly has filed a law suit against Disney Pixar stating that Pixar’s character Duke Kaboom is generally based on the likeness of his father, and he wants compensation.

NOODLING CRIMES AT LAKE OF THE OZARKS: Kathleen loves everything to do with noodling, or “hillbilly handfishing,” although she’s terrified to try it herself.  She has a long bit in her act about the pros and cons of Noodling in her Bothering Jesus special on Netflix, and reads a recent article about an alleged “noodling incident” at the Lake of the Ozarks where two men were arrested on charges of

CRUISE SHIP SCRAPS: Kathleen dives into the world of cruise ship graveyards, and discusses the recent increase in inventory in the scrap yards that break down cruise ships when they are no longer commissioned for sailing as a result of a dramatic decrease in cruise travel due to the COVID pandemic.  She reviews the locations of the shipyards in places like Aliaga, Turkey, and discusses how cruise ship lines route ships that they are retiring from service at discount prices.

CANADIAN MONSTER SHARK: Kathleen is obsessed with sharks, and she follows many Twitter accounts that OSEARCH has sanctioned as real sharks. Kathleen follows the nearly 60 white sharks that OSEARCH is tracking, and is excited to announce that a 17-foot white shark was just caught off of the coast of Nova Scotia, and Nukumi was found full of multiple seals.  Kathleen reads another article involving the recent capture of an albino tope shark, which is incredibly rare.

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen continues watching The Vow on HBO, and “Studio 54” on Netflix. Kathleen loves the history depicted in the documentary of the historic NYC nightclub, and the follow up interviews with co-founder Ian Schrager.

MICHIGAN GUBERNATORIAL KIDNAPPING: Kathleen reviews the recent hillbilly kidnapping attempt by the Wolverine Watchmen of the Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer.  Kathleen reviews the background of the thirteen men charged with kidnapping, including their “training” and planning at a vacuum store, and also their use of social media to communicate with each other regarding the full details of the plot.  Kathleen dives into the Boogaloo movement, which is the fundamental belief that the Watchmen support.  Kathleen loves the animation in the description of their compound by the next door neighbor to the Watchmen.

MYSTERY OF THE WEEK: Kathleen discusses the four virtually uncontacted tribes that the outside world knows very little about, including the Sentinelese, the cannibalistic Korowai, the Brazillian Fleicheros, and the Amazonian Mashco-Piro tribe.