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Comedian Kathleen Madigan opens her Pub every week to talk about everything and anything fun in her world. Light bar conversations ranging from her parents to unsolved mysteries, sports to chimpanzee documentaries.

Breakfast Tacos, Monster Gators, and the Dark Web

Kathleen opens the show pouring a glass of Bluebird pinot noir, telling listeners about the adventures that she had while in the company of the Grand Termite, Ron White who visited for her birthday week.

“GAS STATION” FOOD: Kathleen shares her secret that Love’s Truck Stop breakfast tacos are half price after 2pm, and although she is more inclined to eat Ding Dongs, she has found and purchased a large box of the newly released Pumpkin Spiced Twinkies which her mother will love.  While reading the back of the Twinkies box, Kathleen is excited to learn that Hostess is headquartered in Missouri. She knows that her East Coast friends will be thrilled to know that their beloved Dunkin Donuts has released a cereal line.

Kathleen laughs out loud at a recent article where the Irish Supreme court has ruled that Subway sandwich bread doesn’t meet the legal definition of bread because the sugar content is too high.

Kathleen reads a Dolly Parton quote involving the motivation for wealth.

DOLLY PARTON: Kathleen is thrilled to share with listeners that Dolly Parton is releasing a Holiday album and Netflix Christmas movie in time for the 2020 holiday season.  Kathleen is excited for the holiday season so that she can bring out her favorite glittery light-up Christmas deer.

XFL FOOTBALL RETURNS: As Fall moves forward, Kathleen is thrilled that the XFL has announced that it will return Spring 2021.  She has a St. Louis Battlehawks t-shirt to show her support for the team.  Kathleen discloses that the coolest football experience that she has ever seen on tv was the 2017 Grey Cup when Shania Twain rode a dogsled out into the snow accompanied by Canadian Mounties for the halftime performance.

LAKE vs OCEAN: Kathleen is a self-described “lake person” versus a person who prefers the ocean.  She describes living in California and learning to surf, and a moment of terror when she saw a shark fin swimming near her board.  Kathleen reviews the dangerous creatures that live in lakes compared to those living in oceans, and describes her dad’s short-lived frog-gigging hobby. She reads a recent article detailing the capture of a monster 14-foot, 800 lb alligator in an Arkansas lake, and the harrowing tale that two hillbillies went through to secure the gator and get it into their tiny boat.  Kathleen loves a good hillbilly story, as well as gator stew.

QANON: Kathleen delves into the dark world of QAnon, uncovering what this group believesand their intentions pertaining to the US political climate.  She discovers that. QAnon communicates its dark conspiracy theories via online Imageboards, with the original hate site referred to as “4Chan,” and when that site was taken down the group created “8Chan.” Kathleen goes through some of the more popular conspiracy theories of the QAnon group, including pending coups by the Democratic party to take over the White House, conspiracy theories involving German chancellor Angela Merkel’s family tree, and theories that the profit of child sex-trafficking rings is being funneled to fund Democratic campaigns.

Kathleen sifts through the information on how QAnon started and who is “Q,” as many people on the internet have claimed to be Q himself. Two Americans are said to be managing the messaging behind QAnon:  James Watkins who gained control of 8Chan, and his son Ronnie Watkins who used to manage the imageboard.  The elder Watkins is said to be living on a pig farm south of Manila, Philippines according to immigration records. Both Watkins men have denied being “Q.”

THE VOW: As a follow up to Episode 8, Kathleen is watching The Vow” docuseries on HBO Max.  The nine-part series focuses on the Albany-based cult/multilevel-marketing scheme NXIVM, which underneath its self-help veneer, was primarily a sex-trafficking ring for its leaders.  Kathleen presents listeners with information regarding the primary funding behind the cult, which came from billionaire Clare Bronfman, as well as more background information behind the cult’s leader, Keith RaniereBronfman and Raniere have been convicted on multiple charges including conspiracy and sex crimes, and are awaiting sentencing.

FANTASY FOOTBALL UPDATE: Kathleen discusses the impact of COVID-19 on her NFL Fantasy Football team, with so many NFL teams showing positive cases after the third week of play.  She also tells listeners about some of the members of her Fantasy League, and the ridiculous strategies that they are coming up with as the team managers learn the basics of playing NFL Fantasy Football.

MYSTERY OF THE WEEK: Kathleen discusses the mysteries surrounding Myrtles Plantation, which is a haunted plantation in St. Francisville, LA.  Built in 1796, the plantation is touted as one of the nation’s most haunted homes with tens of recorded ghost encounters.  The plantation now runs as a bed and breakfast in the same home where more than ten known murders took place.