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Comedian Kathleen Madigan opens her Pub every week to talk about everything and anything fun in her world. Light bar conversations ranging from her parents to unsolved mysteries, sports to chimpanzee documentaries.

Canadian Killers, Aliens, and Monster Sharks

Kathleen opens with an introduction to “Cardboard Cher,” who will be joining the Pub crew.  She reveals that one of her favorite Twitter accounts to follow is “Super 70’s Sports,” and laughs at a recent tweet they posted showing the Milwaukee Brewers ground crew originally wearing lederhosen.  Kathleen loves the city of Milwaukee, and although she is a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fan she admits that she would be excited to attend any Brewers game, especially if there were lederhosen involved.

She announces that she’ll be opening her weekly Pubcast with a Dolly Parton quote, with this week’s quote involving Dolly and business.  Kathleen states that the best concert she’s ever seen in her life is Cher in at the Park Theatre in Vegas.

Kathleen provides an update on the Jerry Falwell Jr. saga with Liberty University and his complicated relationship involving his wife and their pool boy.  She reads from an article authored by Hustler Magazine’s founder Larry Flynt stating his position on the Falwells.

SHARK WEEK & MEGALODON: Kathleen reveals her extreme disappointment regarding the authenticity of the 2013 Shark Week special “Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives.”  Her bff Lorene (who also directed Kathleen’s “Bothering Jesus” special on Netflix) provides insight on how you can tell whether the content of one of these shows includes accurate and true information. Kathleen goes on to describe the outrage from both scientists who knew that the mega shark was a hoax, as well as viewers who believed the History Channel’s Megalodon story.  The Network regrouped and promised to reinspire the integrity of Shark Week content to fans, and the following Shark Week season they released the sequel “Megalodon: The New Evidence.”  This sequel ALSO provided no credible proof of Megalodon’s existence, which was finally disclosed in the third installment “Megalodon: Fact vs Fiction.” Kathleen remains a huge fan of the History Channel and Shark Week, following numerous sharks on Twitter such as “Deep Blue” and “Katharine the Shark.”

BILLBOARDS: Kathleen discusses her opinion of billboards, stating she’s never received any useful info from them except when in Vegas and Atlantic City.  Kathleen thinks that most billboards don’t display “fun” information, and therefore don’t motivate her.  Most contain positions on abortion, religion, and 800 numbers you shouldn’t call, and she thinks that they “junk up” any road trip. Kathleen appreciates a good truck stop on a road trip, and agrees that Loves Truck Stops rent billboards in good locations so that she can plan bathroom breaks accordingly. She applauds the 4 states that have outlawed billboards: Hawaii, Alaska, Maine, and Maine.  Florida has the most billboards of any state (11,100 permits on file) followed by Georgia (9,600), California (8,700), New Jersey (8,500) and then Kathleen’s home state of Missouri (2,100.)

ELVIS’S ROYALTIES & COLONEL PARKER: As a follow up to Episode 5, Kathleen confirmed Lisa Marie Presley’s ownership of Graceland. In looking into Elvis’s estate further, Kathleen wondered what happened to the money generated from Elvis’ recording royalties.  Elvis. Presley Enterprises owns the rights to all recordings made after 1955, but has no rights to the Sun Records catalogue.

Kathleen explains how Elvis was defrauded by his first manager, Colonel Tom Parker. When Elvis began recording at Sun Records in 1954, he signed a contract with Sam Phillips (owner of Sun Records) giving Phillips exclusive ownership to ALL recordings made in his studio.  In 1955, Phillips sold Elvis’s Sun Records catalogue recordings to RCA Records. Kathleen screams at the events of 1973, when the Colonel negotiated a deal with RCA to give Elvis a lump sum of money in lieu of ANY royalties made on the Sun Records recordings.  RCA gave Elvis $5.4M, which makes Kathleen’s head explode when it is disclosed that the payout was split EQUALLY between Elvis and Parker.

Kathleen goes into further detail on her strong opinion that Colonel Parker was a complete con artist, including bundling Elvis movies and signing an exclusive merch deal in which he was awarded 25% commission on millions. Even at Elvis’s funeral, the Colonel attempted to persuade Elvis’s father to sign over Elvis’s business affairs after death.

DON’T FUCK WITH CATS: Kathleen reviews the Netflix documentary “Don’t Fuck With Cats,” which details the murders of Canadian serial killer Luka Magnotta and how a group of amateur internet detectives help international authorities bring him into custody.

WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK: Kathleen reviews “The Great Hack” on Netflix, which is the story of Cambridge Analytica and their influence on the 2016 US Presidential election.

MYSTERY OF THE WEEK: Kathleen discusses the UFOlogical-verified alien transmission on November 26th, 1977 in England.  Southern TV was broadcasting the evening news when the tv pic wobbled and a 6-min message from alien Vrillon took over the broadcast.  The transmission is available on a YouTube video. Kathleen discusses her problems with aliens, and also the story of Fatima.

CLOSING REMARKS: Kathleen describes the disco she created in her bedroom as a teenager, and her love for Shaun Cassidy.