Chick Chat

Hosted ByMary Margaret Baker

When you need a dose of entertainment chatter or just a good giggle, check out Chick Chat. Girls talking about things girls want to talk about. Celebrities, gossip, fads, and boys… the girls around the table touch on all of it! It's sort of the guilty pleasure of The MESH… the show everyone is listening to, but no one wants to admit that they are. Check out one of our episodes and see what everyone is talking about.

A Moose in the Hen House

We formally give our producer, Andrew Moose, some time on the mic to help give the “male perspective” on one of our favorite topics… BIG BROTHER! CBS has brought back an All-Star season of our favorite reality game show and we break the houseguests down one by one. *Remind me why CBS hasn’t listened to us yet?? We offer some entertainment news at the start of the show, so even if you aren’t a #BB22 fan – we got you, girl. Sit back and enjoy this “endurance” version of ChickChat… only on The MESH!

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