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Comedian Kathleen Madigan opens her Pub every week to talk about everything and anything fun in her world. Light bar conversations ranging from her parents to unsolved mysteries, sports to chimpanzee documentaries.

Busch Latte, Offensive Mascots, and the Post Office

Kathleen opens with an introduction to her new Dolly Parton cardboard standup, excited that her Stevie Nicks standup will now have company in the Pub.  She toasts her new guest with a Tito’s Vodka pickle shot and a Busch Latte, explaining how the popular Anheuser Busch beer originally gained its new nickname.

Kathleen updates us on her Episode 2 expose regarding Jerry Falwell Jr.’s scandalous yacht photo, providing commentary on Jr.’s follow up radio interview that caused him to be removed from the board of Liberty University.

Kathleen shares that she’s had some quarantine summer fun discovering and then following Annie Lennox’s Instagram account.

Uncharacteristic Controversy from Kathleen’s Idols: In an uncharacteristic move, 2 of Kathleen’s favorite singers have come out speaking against the government’s handling of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Stevie Nicks spoke with Rolling Stone, putting out an urgent call for people to wear masks in an effort to help slow the spread of the disease and warning that if she contracts COVID-19 she will most likely never sing again.  Kathleen then gives a shoutout to Anita Baker for being an amazing singer and general badass in life.  The conversation turns to Dolly Parton, who was emboldened in an interview with Billboard Magazine relating to the “Black Lives Matter” movement stating that “of course Black lives matter,” which was a move that could shock the generally conservative world of Country Music. Dolly also discusses her 2018 decision to remove the word “Dixie” from her “Dolly Parton’s Dixieland Stampede” in an effort to be more sensitive to patrons who are not supportive of the ideology of the Confederate South.

Kathleen’s Trip to Dolly’s Hometown: Kathleen describes her girl’s weekend in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to celebrate the release of her Netflix Special “Bothering Jesus.” Her group attends the Dixieland Stampede, and Kathleen discusses how she and her friends had to choose between the “North” or the “South” side of the arena, and how strange it is to be served an entire 3-course meal that requires no utensils in an area that smells like horse manure.   Kathleen and her friends then attend Dolly’s concert the following night to benefit her Imagination Library, which is nothing that they anticipated.  Kathleen tells listeners to download Dolly’s “Those Were The Days” album for something fun to listen to.

Controversy In Sports Team Names: Kathleen discusses her support for the Washington Redskins officially changing their name, and then moves into the history of other organizations including professional teams and schools that have changed their team names to be more racially sensitive: Stanford University transitioning from the Indians to the Cardinals, Pekin Illinois high school were known as the “Pekin Chinks” as covered by the Baltimore Sun in a 1994 article.  The school used “Mr. Banboo” as their mascot, and it wasn’t until the mid-1970’s that the name was transitioned to the “Dragons” amidst great student protest. Kathleen then discusses additional racially insensitive team names throughout American history, such as the minor league baseball Atlanta Crackers, the Negro Southern League’s Atlanta Black Crackers, in 2010 Akron Ohio’s East High transitioned from the Arabs to the Orientals, and are now more appropriately known as the Dragons.  Kathleen continues to review more unbelievable team references, including the 2002 University of Northern Colorado “Fighting Whities,” and the Wahpeton, North Dakota’s “Wahpeton Wops.”

Save The Post Office (USPS): Kathleen discusses her love for the Post Office, included in her bit “The Post Office,” and how amazing both the service and her mail carrier Ben are to work with. She talks about the importance of keeping the Post Office, and reviews their sponsorship of Lance Armstrong’s cycling team and the fallout as documented in ESPN’s 30 for 30 series “Lance.” Kathleen discusses her USO Tour that included Lance Armstrong and her interaction with him.

What to Watch This Week:  Kathleen has been streaming many ESPN “30 for 30” episodes, including Bruce Lee’s “Be Water.”  She also recommends watching Dan Rather’s “The Big Interview” on AXS tv.

Mystery of the Week: Kathleen discusses the history of the Jersey Devil.