Heffron & Reep

Hosted ByJohn Heffron & Jon Reep

Two stand-up comedians and “Last Comic Standing” winners, John Heffron and Jon Reep. They talk about a variety of different topics, all focused around entertaining you the listener

Subject Change!

Welcome back to the Heffron and Reep show! It’s 8:35 am, 82-degrees outside, remember to rate, review and subscribe… and here’s Fastball with “Out of My Head”!

Isn’t it fun to help someone move? John and Jon recall some of their fondest memories of helping friends move their stuff.

John thinks Smart houses are too needy. It’s time to dumb our houses back down.

Subject Change!

John talks about the art of introducing 80s music on the radio. Jon fails miserably to properly introduce a Whitney Houston song.

The Heffron and Reep Show… full of ideas… no follow-through.

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