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BIG FAN: PANIC! at the Podcast

Chad takes his daughter to her first concert and feels very old. Hank explains why breakfast is the best meal of the day and…get excited…fantasy football is just around the corner! Listen in & check out all this and what else the fellas have going on this summer.

2 comments on “BIG FAN: PANIC! at the Podcast

  1. NAomi says:

    I’m in Seattle and had some time so I listened to ur podcast and loved it. You guys are so comfortable with each other and thoroughly entertaining… it even made me reminisce about the time I saw my first concert in Tokyo, which was the Herman Hermits! Yikes! What great memories. I know Olivia had a great time bonding with her dad!, so proudof the father you turned out to be!

  2. Mollie Myers-Del Zompo says:

    LOVE this! So fun hearing you guys.

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