Life As An Intern: Darren Observes Fantasy Formula

Literally, it is like ESPN live! They have such a high energy for sports and make sure that they keep it very interesting for their viewers. They know how to discuss different topics, but talk about it in an organized way. I’ve seen the recordings twice, one with both Addison and Chad and I was definitely entertained. They work great together and even though there were some plays I didn’t know… and players I didn’t know… it kept my interest when they were talking because the energy and the comedy they brought to the whole show. I really enjoyed observing the Fantasy Formula podcast! I would recommend it for sure for listeners who love sports and wants the insight on all the players. Also, another thing that I enjoyed is the fact that they are controversial when it comes to the players and the games. That keeps it interesting and for me to be a listener, and makes me want to see both sides.
One idea that would be cool would be to bring a Fantasy Formula Trivia or something similar to one of Lenoir Rhyne University’s football or basketball games. It would get students excited about sports and the game, as well as network with students and gain more listeners. I am definitely learning a lot with listening to the different podcasts and I love figuring out new ways to market for TheMESH!

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