Stepping Up Service

Stepping Up Service: Predicting the Exit

Tips for when your customers might be heading for the exit door.

Stepping Up Service: Instilling the 4 S’s of the Customer Experience

In this episode, Ed explains to Alan the four “Must Do’s” to have the foundation your organization needs for a successful customer experience. Some of these aren’t what you’d think – there are surprises galore! This topic is based on one of Customer Service Solution’s “Tip of the Week” which can be found at this address:

About the hosts:

Ed Gagnon is the President of Customer Service Solutions, helping organizations develop long-term relationships with their clients and partnering with them to meet their core customer service needs. Learn more about Customer Service Solutions at

Alan Jackson is President of The Jackson Group, a survey and consulting firm specializing in employee engagement surveys, patient satisfaction surveys, market research studies and leadership development. Learn more about The Jackson Group at

Stepping Up Service: Making the Most of the Millennial Moment

Serving the “Millennials” in your customer base.

Stepping Up Service: Know the Customer’s Story

Empathy and its’ importance in delivering outstanding customer service.

Stepping Up Service: A Customer Service Approach to E-mail Marketing

Ed & Alan discuss using E-mail as a customer service tool.

Stepping Up Service: Listening to the Employee’s Voice

Using employee comments to boost customer service.

Stepping Up Service: It’s All About the (New) Customer

Strategic approaches for handling “first-time” customers