Heffron & Reep

Sleep Study Slasher

Could a good slasher movie be made set during a sleep study?.. “That snoring is KILLING me!”

Lots of whistling, humming, and “grandma-singing”. Lucid dreams and period parties are discussed, along with some more 80s/90s trivia.

And “We Built This City” was NOT sung by REO Speedwagon.

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Father Figure

Was George Michael the best singer of all time? What is a Buffalo Stance? Is Jon getting married? What would a prom or school-dance restaurant look like? Let’s bring back awkward slow dancing. And what if you’ve been around the world and… you can’t find your baby? More 80s and 90s trivia with Jon, John, and the live listeners.

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“Tater Tots… Come to me…”

Then on to lighter topics… such as John’s exercise routine, how much the guys hat the bottom freezer drawer on refrigerators, and Jon’s addiction to Lean Cuisine’s Swedish Meatballs. When exactly do you get the “Runner’s High”, and is there a way to skip directly to that part? Do the dentist and the hygienist always seem to have “a thing” going on, or is that just in Jon and John’s heads? Pigs in a blanket… air fryers… and blow dart guns.But really, this episode is all about Tater Tots.

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The 80s & 90s Trivia Show

Heffron’s out sick, so it’s just Jon Reep and show producer THE Alan Jackson playing rounds of 80s and 90s trivia with participation from the live audience. Yeah, it’s not our best episode… but it was still some fun to have at the end of 2020.

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Does Jon look like the young red-haired Santa from the old television specials? John’s Beard is gone. He shares the reason for getting rid of it. Hire Heffron & Reep as your Comedy Coaches. What’s the worst Christmas gift to give your significant other? Could it be… a scale? What should be the last year you get a “kid gift” at Christmas before you transition to “adult gifts”? Jon and John feel this age should be called the “Jump Year.” And… what is POWERARM? And what does it have to do with John Heffron’s childhood?

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Cruises, Comedy Clubs and Candles

Jon and John discuss their laundry routine in great detail. Exactly how many pairs of underwear does John own? Jon talks about his upcoming cruise and the joys of cruisin’ life. Jon shares some audition stories, including hanging with Aston Kutcher in his trailer for “Punk’d”. And they discuss candles that smell like a mouth full of… what was that again?

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The Super Secret Secure Cyberhacking Episode

Reno Collier joins the show again from Nashville with a cameo appearance by Dusty Slay. John and Jon also welcome super fan Shane Kelly to discuss the idea of crashing corporate Zoom meetings.

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The Return of the Hickory Dancing Machine

Who wants to join the Heffron & Reep Pickleball team? John and Jon discuss the need to retire the phrase “HEADS UP!” and move to something less dangerous. Heffron discusses his wrestling days, while Jon talks openly about his regret in playing jokes on a old school mate (#SorryGardner). And the return of the Hickory Dancing Machine, live on the Heffron & Reep Podcast.

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Got Melk?

Heffron’s going mobile and getting ready to live a trailer life.

Where did Jon’s soul patch go?

Here’s a great holiday shopping idea from Heffron: Get your kids a lock-picking kit! Crack into any safe you want!

Amazon took off Heffron’s pants!

What are the Most Requested Numbers of 2020?

And coming soon… The Heffron & Reep’s Artisanal Pen De-Clicking Service. Solving all your troublesome pen clicking and de-clicking needs with an artist’s touch.

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Respect the Tape

Heffron describes his breathing exercise before going out on stage.Helpful tip: Don’t put your feet up on the comedian’s stage. “It’s our time up here!” Are we going back into lockdown? Heffron bought cookie dough from his neighbor. Jon gets campaign advice from special guest Topher Morrison as he prepares to run for the Mayor of Hickory. Possible slogan: “Give Folks a Reason to Stay… and Be Happy.” Oh, and Heffron has grown half-an-inch. Probably thanks to his DDP workout.

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