Heffron & Reep

The Jordache Look!

Fun with numbers, talking about malls and jeans, and since the world is burning, please go ahead and release The Mandalorian!
Seriously, though… there’s a lot of talk about jeans. Like, a LOT. Mainly about Jordache jeans and whether or not they were ever made for men. Does Heffron have “The Jordache Look”?

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Andy, Yakov, the Mayor

Heffron took the night off, so Reep brings in special guest Reno Collier to help fill the slot. This week’s discussion is all about 80s TV shows. Did Balki from Perfect Strangers rip off Yakov Smirnoff?

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John, Jon, Jeff and Reno

Heffron joins the show from his cold barn… with a tractor as his backdrop… while Jon enjoys the warmth of a toasty studio. Is a Falconeer showing up at Heffron’s show? John also gets threatened at a comedy club to remove his mask for a photo opp. Then, Jeff Richards zooms in to give Jon and John some impersonation homework. Followed by Reno Collier, who develops a plan with Jon and John to build a new comedy club… and then immediately tear it down.

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Unboxing the Box

Check out the guys UNBOXING the new BOX they got in from a fan. They love UNBOXING things. As in UNBOXING any BOXES they receive in the mail.

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The Baby Tooth

John’s a candlemaker… and has photos to prove it. Jon’s Mom’s tooth was up for sale at a yard sale, which leads to John talking about the baby tooth that’s still in his mouth. And watch the first online breakdancing competition, live on Heffron & Reep!

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Ingrown Toenails and Socially-Aware Bees

The tension builds as Heffron decides to share a photo of his ingrown toenail with Reep and the audience live on the show.

This episode brought to you by the song “Roll To Me” by Del Amitri.

Do we need glasses to help us find our glasses? And what are socially-aware bees?

Become a Heffron and Reep supporter and you could have one of his ingrown toenails named after you.

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Pop Rocks!

Jon and John talk about themed boat cruises, owning a skating rink, and betting on football. Plus, a decision is made on whether John should eat a bag of grape or watermelon Pop Rocks while singing “God Bless the U.S.A.”.

Meanwhile, John has yelling cows outside his house and dead animals in his walls. He asked his Country Savant, “Bud” what the dead animals might be, but with no response. Time to call in “What The ‘F’ Is That Smell?”

Then, to the delight of their live online listeners, Jon and John perform several selections in the 80s Country Music Karaoke with Jon rocking his Ronnie Milsap sunglasses.

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Hey, Now… Hey, Now…

Jon and John talk about making deposits at the spank bank, Zoom classrooms, and pinning notes to your kids.And John skips out on Jon in the beginning of the show to have a medical tele-visit with his doctor. What’s wrong with John? And there’s more 80s Church. Hey, Now… Hey, Now…

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“I’m Only Human”… Welcome to the Church of the 80s

Heffron sings the entire Grease 2 soundtrack from memory. Is Heffron, a big fan of musicals himself, writing a musical. Jon loves “La La Land” and doesn’t care who knows it. And enjoy the premiere of John’s “Church of the 80s… Our Lyrics of the Awesome”, applying the lyrics of the Human League to our spiritual lives.

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U Ready for This?

Jon and John discuss adult movies from the 1980s, King Dongs, Breakin’, and getting rid of hornets nests.

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