Heffron & Reep

Could We Just Take an Uber?

Comedians John Heffron and Jon Reep recap their recent visits to bowling alleys in Michigan on the “That’s How We Roll Tour”. They invite fellow comedian Brent Blakeney (@sixsevencomedy) to share stories of performing on stage with ATMs, having no microphone stands, and looking for ghosts in these haunted buildings. There’s also a discussion about…

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UHauls, Tiger Kings, Mustard Ooze and Mole Holes

Comedians John Heffron and Jon Reep get together to talk about John’s recent U-Haul experience, Jon’s visit to one of the Tiger Kings zoos, John’s yard work attire of Birkenstocks and socks to help fix mole holes, their hatred of loud ice makers in hotels, John’s new dining room table, and what’s the deal with juice ooze coming out of mustard bottles?

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Comedians John Heffron and Jon Reep were both supposed to be on vacation this week, so we were going to do some sort of “best of” show. Instead, Sebastian, from the Country-ish podcast and tired of Jon recording a podcast with someone else behind his back, sabotages the Heffron & Reep show. Sebastian talks with his friend Debbie about girls, relationships, and ideas for apps to help with dating.

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We’ve Got Puppies!

Jon Reep is managing the show alone this week, but John Heffron is still able to make a special guest appearance and gives us a tour of the outside of Zanie’s Comedy Club in Nashville and discusses the various comedians that have made the outside wall. What is it going to take for Jon to get his face up there?

Then Jon welcomes super fan Shane Flint to the show and gets to meet his new puppies Cooper & Cash.

This day in history: a Jet Blue steward quits his job in dramatic fashion but telling off the passengers and jumping out of the plane with the inflatable slide. Jon and Shane discuss their own job experiences, and viewers share their stories of leaving jobs in extreme ways.

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Heffron & Reep OWN Steve Byrne!

Comedian and director Steve Byrne joins John Heffron and Jon Reep on the show to share his stories of getting into fights with audience members. And important questions are asked: Should comedians wear padded underwear? What are some memorable comedian wardrobe malfunctions? How do you get your face on the Nashville Zanie’s wall? Don’t forget the “That’s How We Roll” tour of bowling alleys in Michigan coming soon! Will John and Jon have a place to sleep? And how many likes did John Heffron’s apple get on Facebook?

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Comedians in Clubs Getting Punched

In this week’s episode, comedians John Heffron and Jon Reep OWN Steve Byrne and many others.

There’s talk about Jingle flash mobs, Honey Do list competition, Grover puppets, and Old Crow Medicine Show.

And John and Jon share horror stories about getting punched, slapped, and experiencing other physical abuse during their shows.

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Bowling with Kyle Troup

While John Heffron is away, Jon Reep invites pro bowling champion, Kyle Troup, to join him for this week’s show. Jon and Kyle talk about bowling, the upcoming Heffron & Reep “That’s How We Roll” tour of bowling alleys, Kyle’s new championship belt, his glorious hair, and Jon’s own experiences with his own hair perms and a Prince-inspired photo shoot.

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LOL! We Were Just Talking About This…

Do women like men more who do chores or get them gifts and take them on vacations? John and Jon discuss the latest research. Are dishwashers hard to load? John says “yes”. He and Jon come up with ideas for pre-loaded, color-coordinated, self-aware dishwashers Should couples planning to get married go to Home Depot beforehand to make sure they are compatible with their dishwasher loading abilities? Cause the chores you do in your first few weeks of marriage are the ones you’re stuck with. How many hotel bathtubs have you thrown up in? John and Jon discuss their upcoming bowling alley tour. Are there northern ghosts in Meskegan? Are there people buried underneath one of the bowling alleys they are visiting? Should Jon and John’s have matching bowling balls? OMG!! Right?!?

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Charcuterie Boards (with Tammy Pescatelli)

Jon Reep is taking the night off, so comedian Tammy Pescatelli joins John Heffron to discuss John’s new sippy cup, root canals… are they for real? John’s new Michigan-shaped charcuterie board, the upcoming “That’s How We Roll” tour of bowling alleys, why asking random people for money on Venmo is kind of ridiculous (but, just in case, John’s Venmo account is @ComedianJohnHeffron and Tammy’s is @Tammy-Pescatelli), their “Before & After” company idea, and what is the ideal comedian’s wardrobe?

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We’re Gonna Bowl Tonight!

Hear comedians John Heffron and Jon Reep talk about Josh Blue appearing on America’s Got Talent, how Reep has been trolling Lee Greenwood online, their potential upcoming comedy tour of bowling alleys, Iliza Sclesinger’s new movie “Good on Paper”, whether or not Iliza talked smack about Reep and his gift for merchandising, how Heffron apparently forgot working with Reep years ago, “Maybe later, I’m probably gonna catch some frogs”, and the “Grease 2” soundtrack.

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