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RedPubPod #033 “Getting Tangled in Jay Orlando’s Lineage!”

Grab your favorite artisanal coffee, hit play, and settle in for an inspiring chat with Western Pennsylvania’s poetic gem, Jay Orlando! Hailing from a small Appalachian town east of Pittsburgh, Jay’s journey is as rich and complex as the rolling hills he grew up in. This episode is a deep dive into the life of a trans man who turned his trials into triumphs—and penned it all down in his stunning poetry collection, “A Tangled Lineage.”

From being outed in high school to navigating family dynamics and transitioning in his late 20s, Jay’s story is a rollercoaster of resilience and a whole lot of heart. You’ll hear how he found acceptance from his early 60s father and 94-year-old grandma, tied the knot with the love of his life, and now shares his wisdom in a small town he has zero intentions of leaving. That’s right! It DOES get better but on your own terms. Jay’s not going anywhere, and Indiana, PA will be better for it!

This is not just a podcast—it’s a lesson in the power of acceptance, love, and the beautiful mess of being human in a complicated world.

So, get ready to be schooled in the best way possible!

Your hosts for this episode are, Robert Canipe, Publisher, RedHawk Publications, and Patty Thompson, Acquisitions Editor, RedHawk Publications

Check out Jay’s book, “A Tangled Lineage,” here!

Reside in Indiana, PA? Mark your calendars for a not-to-be-missed event: Jay Orlando’s book release on Tuesday, June 18th, from 5 pm to 8 pm at Spaghetti Benders, 563 Philadelphia St, Indiana, PA. Be there to celebrate the culmination of his poetic journey and show your support for this local talent.

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