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Hosted ByJeff Neuville & Gary Muller

A lively conversation between small business owners, entrepreneurs, and business experts sharing tools and tips to assist new businesses get up and running and existing small business grow and prosper in this challenging economy.

Starting a Music Venue with Andrew Moose, the hum

This month’s Entrepreneur Exchange is a rocker, as Andrew Moose (affectionally known as Moose)—the co-owner and operator of outdoor music venue the hum—joins podcast hosts Jeff Neuville and Gary Muller to discuss the challenges of starting his business and building and establishing an audience for an entertainment startup. In addition to exploring Moose’s musical background and co-host Gary Muller’s interest in hip-hop, the episode highlights some tasty small businesses you should check out. It’s all here on this month’s Entrepreneur Exchange!

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Small Businesses of the Month: Las Isabelas, CVCC Furniture Academy Showroom, The Paper