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RedPubPod #031 Beth Copeland “The Mountains are in My DNA”

If it is April, it is National Poetry Month! Welcome to this auspicious April episode of RedPubPod as we have a chat with guest and poet, Ms. Beth Copeland. “Shibori Blue – Thirty-six Views of The Peak” is Beth’s fourth published collection. 

It was great having Beth in our studio today as we discussed many things, including her travels as a youth with her missionary parents. Born in Japan, Beth also traveled to India and spent most of her adult life in the Midwest and in the Carolinas.

As Beth says herself, the mountains are in her DNA, and so it is no surprise that she sees comparisons between “The Peak” which is the tallest mountain located in North Carolina’s Ashe County, and Japan’s Mt. Fuji. Her most recent collection is an ode to The Peak and Mt Fuji and is written in “Tanka” format. Listeners will learn the definition of Tanka as well as her inspiration, early 19th century artist, Katsushika Hokusai. The photos that accompany each poem are of The Peak in all four seasons.

You’ll hear Beth read some of her poems, too. You’ll hear some discussion on poetry and spoken word and what is the future of poetry. Fascinating discussion from a unique woman.

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