NC State Final Four, The New Roadhouse, and the “Governance of Rooting in Collegiate Athletics”

Welcome to another jam-packed edition of the CAROLINA REEPER show! Today’s episode is like a couple of Determined DJ’s Defeating of Bunch of Delusional, Duke Blue Devils. How bout that WolfPack? Final Four baby. Here we come!

What do you think of movie remakes? We’re going to get into the new Roadhouse. Have you seen it?

Sebastian is in the house and we play another How Much is that Screen Actors Guild Residual Check game from my role on American Dad.

There’s been a whole lot of chatter about NCAA Stolen Valor on the interwebs, so I have created the “Bylaws and Mandates Hereby Enacted for the Governance of Rooting in Collegiate Athletics” and the “Official Classification and Precedence of Collegiate Athletic Supporters” What tier are you in?

Plus a congratulatory text from Ken Jong (the biggest Duke basketball fan out there) after NC State took down Duke in the Elite 8!

Also more Idiotic Tik Tockets!…

All in this new episode of CAROLINA REEPER!

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