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RedPubPod #030 Julia Nunnally Duncan, “When Time Was Suspended”

Welcome to our March 2024 edition of RedPubPod! Just when you think, ‘can they keep doing these podcasts?’ Redhawk Publications is here to say… “YUP!”

Today our guest is Marion, NC poet, Julia Nunnally Duncan. Having written 11 books, Redhawk Publications is proud to publish her newest poetry collection, “When Time Was Suspended”.

Not unlike many of our Appalachian-based authors, Julia’s poetry has the ‘Western NC Mountain’ stamp on it. What makes this collection truly unique, however, is that not only covers her family’s lore in poetic form, but it always unapologetically displays the grittier side of mountain life. An entire section of the book contains ekphrastic poetry that reflects on photographs of injured soldiers during the US Civil War. You have to admit, that’s a step beyond! And, yet Julia pulls it off! Reading her historical-based poetry you are transported to another time. You have empathy for the injured and oftentimes time physically disfigured young men. You’ll hear Julia read some of her poems, too.

Julia is a delightful guest and we look forward to hearing the rest of her stories in the years to come.

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