Super Tuesday Cyber Attacks! Idiotic TikTockets! Alabama War Eagle Memes!

Today’s episode is like a Super Cyber Attack on Crimson Tuesday! It’ll make ya shout “Roll Eagle!”  or is it “War Tide”?

Happy Super Tuesday everybody! Did ya vote? I did.  Didn’t feel so super.  So we’re gonna talk about that, and the fact there was a cyber attack on Facebook and Instagram. Coincidence? Hmmm.

Also, I’m gonna share some MEME’s y’all created and try to figure out who was the best. I asked for an image of me riding a war eagle in the middle of a Crimson Tide Alabama football field. What did you guys make?

We’re gonna laugh at some more Idiotic TikToks. Lots of people falling or just doing stupid stuff, but it’s still fun to watch.

And I have another Residual Check to give away. So we let some live listeners call in and try to make a guess for how much the check is… closest guess wins the check! How much was the check, what TV show or movie was it from, and who wins it?

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