Taylor Swift and the Chiefs, Why Elmo is so Angry, and a Basketball Collision!

In this episode, we dive into the divisive devotion and disdain for Taylor Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs’ competitive clashes, and the charming chronicles of “Love on the Spectrum,” a series spotlighting the sweet stories of dating with autism. It’s a captivating conversation crammed with contrasts, from pop culture passions, to football frenzies and heartfelt human connections. (Whew!)

In BEST TRENDS, Elmo is trending… and not in a good way. Is Elmo anti-semitic? Does he just need a good tickling?

We talk about the NFL Playoff games and all the hate that’s being pointed to Taylor Swift. I use AI to lip-sync one of her songs, and people are not having it.

And I have some AI-generated pictures of me as different playoff mascots.

Have you seen the new season of Love on the Spectrum? Thoughts? And we dissect a video of a basketball star getting ran over by an excited fan. Was it legitimate? Did the fan try to attack her intentionally?

Anybody in here from Cartersville? How about Kansas City? Well I’m heading your way next… check out my tour dates at www.jonreep.com.

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