The Written Compass

Hosted ByDr. Shana Hartman

A podcast for inspiration, education, and activation of powerful new narratives in the world of business and life from heart-centered folks just like you.

Episode 100: Celebrating 100 Episodes!

I am celebrating 100 episodes of The Written Compass. In the episode, I discuss what I have learned, what myself and my team are celebrating, and I share the amazing books we have published.

Highlights on what I learned:

  • do it before you are ready
  • Let it be messy
  • Trust yourself
  • Stay the course

Celebrating the books and authors we have supported…

  • 13 books published—name books
  • Supported over 40 authors in their writing journey
  • Hosted 4 writing retreats
  • Hosted our first book launch event and supported 4 others from our clients
  • We have expanded our program offerings to everything from $27 offerings to $50k
  • Hundreds of readers impacted by these amazing authors and their books, speaking gigs, social sharing, workshops, book events, and more!

What’s next:

  • Deeper abundance
  • More authors sharing their important words—goal of 100 books published by 2028 (when I turn 50!)
  • Joy… I am committed to creating a multi-million dollar company that supports joy and helps other prospers

Here all the books mentioned in the episode and links to support the authors by buying their books:

Juliet Kuehnle Who You Callin’ Crazy?: The Journey from Stigma to Therapy

Hannah Setzer I’ll Pray for You: And Other Outrageous Things Said to Disabled People

Melissa Panara Life is Written in Pencil: Finding Your Best Life in Plans B through Z

Laura Wieck The BodyMind Method: A 4-Part Framework for Embodied Entrepreneurs to Grow their Income and Impact

Halinka Prevett Vulnerably Authentic: A Journey to Being Ok

Wendy Mersch Learning to Receive

Tonya Reid US Hairways

Karen Taylor Learning to Respect My Strut

Claiming Coach: Navigating the Gap Between Completing Your Coach Training and Landing Your First Paid Client

Capturing the In-Between

Unveiling the Secrets: An Encyclopedia by Women for Women (and those who love them)

This is the Year You Write Your Book: A Year-Long Planning Guide to Support Your Writing

Loving Yourself from the Inside Out: Healing Holistically from Physical & Emotional Pain