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RedPubPod #028 Les Brown

“The Characters write their own story. I don’t tell them where to go and what to do. They tell me what to write…”

Welcome to our first episode of RedPubPod in 2024! This edition is a true gem. Our spotlight is on author and poet Les Brown, a North Carolina native with roots deeply embedded in the Appalachian soil. In his latest book published by Redhawk Publications, Iron Bridge Sunday and Other Stories,” Les takes us on a journey through the pages of his rich North Carolina mountains background. These aren’t just stories; they are small literary gifts meticulously crafted with a perfect blend of storytelling finesse and authentic dialogue.

But here’s the intriguing part – these tales, although fictionalized, are woven with the threads of truth drawn from the tapestry of Les’s own family folklore. Hailing from the town of North Cove, North Carolina, Les brings to life the essence of his ancestral roots, sharing narratives passed down through generations. Some stories are filled with slapstick humor. Others are tragic and bittersweet. All tell the stories of universal appeal. What happened back in the day are things that happen today.

Join us as we delve not only into what inspires Les to write, but also his writing process. You will hear Les read a short passage from one of his short stories as well, which is a true treasure. His dialogue truly comes to life as he reads from the story, ‘Poker Game.’

Les and his wife, renowned North Carolina poet, Joyce Compton Brown, currently live in Troutman, NC and both will always claim North Carolina’s mountains, home.

RedPubPod Hosts in this episode are:

Richard Eller, Executive Director — Redhawk Publications

 Patricia Thompson, Acquisition Editor — Redhawk Publications,

Tim Peller, Chief Editor – Redhawk Publications

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