I Guess I’ll Do It with Pat House

Hosted ByPat House

I Guess I’ll Do It (with Pat House) features a one-on-one conversation with comedians discussing their earliest comedy influences when they decided they would try stand-up and that very first time they stepped on stage. We chat about our favorite comics, share horror stories from the road, and talk shop about all the joys/nightmares that live within stand-up comedy. 

Joe Conklin

Growing up outside Philly, I heard Joe Conklin on the radio my entire childhood; he was one of the first comics I heard tell jokes, do impressions, and sing hilarious music parodies, so I was super excited that Joe sat down with me to talk about his career, which began while Joe was just a kid. Impressions of family members, teachers, and celebrities were the catalyst for what would become his calling. From class clown to stand-up comedian, we discuss his impressions of local celebrities (and those that didn’t care for his impressions of them), nightmare gigs, a career in radio, and – of course, Lenny Dykstra.

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Pat House is a nationally touring comedian based out of Philadelphia. A regular performer in comedy clubs, casinos, and theaters all over the country, Pat has been a choice opener for Sebastian Maniscalco, Tom Segura, and Dan Cummins. He recorded his first album Biggest Thing in 2013, and his latest album Heard Enough Yesterdayhit #1 on the iTunes comedy chartsBoth can be heard on iTunes, Amazon, and Pandora.