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Episode 99: 10 Writing Prompts for Inspiration

In today’s episode, I share 10 powerful and inspiring writing prompts to get you out of your head and into your words! Some are my own, some are borrowed, all are going to support you in going from blank page to writing flow.

I have them all written down, but I dive further into each in the podcast. Try one and see what shows up!

  1. “The scariest moment is always just before you start.” -Stephen King Write down everything you are scared of right now about the writing you are trying to do or just scared of in general.
  2. Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere. Start by getting something — anything — down on paper. A friend of mine says that the first draft is the down draft — you just get it down.” Anne Lamont Shitty First Drafts
  3. What can you “just get down” today, right now?
  4. Close your eyes. Imagine a reader is enjoying every word you are about to write. They are delighted, giddy, and heart-filled because they are reading the very words they didn’t know they needed (and you didn’t even know you could write). Breathe that vision in, pick up your pen or pencil, open your document, and write those words.
  5. When was a moment you felt most alive, most present, most YOU. Capture that moment as though you are reliving it, give the play-by-play and the color commentary.
  6. Set a word count or time goal for your writing today… 500 words, 15 minutes… the number doesn’t matter. Make a decision and write until you hit the word count or the timer goes off!
  7. What questions have you been pondering lately? Write a list of all the questions and curiosities you have had lately.
  8. What songs are inspiring you lately or are your go-to songs for inspiration? Play that song while you write. Bonus: write down the lyrics and write about how each line impacts you.
  9. Find a poem or page from something you are reading or an intriguing social media post, read it out loud to yourself, then set a 10 minute timer and write whatever shows up.
  10. Meta-writing: write about everything you are thinking right now. YES, right now! Go back and “mine” that writing for anything that feels important to explore further.
  11. Knowing there is no right or wrong, what would you LOVE to write about right now? Who would you love to write for? What would you love to say (that maybe you never have before)? Write this just for you.

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