Katt Williams Goes Nuclear, Jo Koy Hosts the Golden Globes, and David Tepper Strikes Again!

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Today’s show is like a stubborn day of reckoning for stand-up comedians.

In Best Trends… Katt Williams goes nuclear on the Shannon Sharpe podcast, talking trash about other comedians.

And Jo Koy hosts the Golden Globes… and he’s getting slammed for it. How did he do? Was there any chance he was going to be successful as a host of that awards show?
In the news, a guy jumps over a judge’s desk during his sentencing… and we have the video to watch and discuss.

Why is Cincinnati called the Queen City? I thought that was supposed to be my nearby city of Charlotte, NC…?

And David Tepper strikes again… this time firing the Carolina Panthers General Manager Scott Fitterer. How’s it coming with someone finding dirt on this guy so we can get rid of him?

Also, I’ve got another residual check so we’re gonna play another round of How Much is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check? My accountant really hates I play this game… so they’re not going to like the amount of this week’s check.

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