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Redhawk Publications is an artistic initiative of the Catawba Valley Community College, publishing written works of interest for the local community, the state of North Carolina as well the entire United States. Established in 2017, CVCC is the only North Carolina community college with a publishing division and has over 75 unique titles. The podcast, “RedPubPod” acts as a companion to the works of our authors.  Be sure to check out the podcast and subscribe so that you can hear author interviews that highlight their writing processes, literary inspirations, and newest releases. 

RedPubPod #027: RedPubPod’s End of Year 2023 Wrap-Up Edition!

‘Tis the season, y’all! It’s RedPubPod’s End of Year 2023 Wrap-Up Edition!

Lots of books are mentioned in this podcast episode. Learn about what we have published, which books are up for end-of-year awards, how not to get ripped off when publishing your book, a nice little discount code to get you 20% off of all books, plus what new titles are up on deck for 2024!

Keep in mind this episode was taped before we finished a few books, so here are some updates:

– Code for a 20% discount is XMAS20 here!

  • Grayson Sigmon’s event has passed but you can still get the book at our website.

– Scott Owens and C. Joe Young’s book is out now! Join them 12/12 at Poetry Hickory to get your copy signed.

  • We will have published about 34 books in 2023. Not too shabby, and great books, too!

  • Want to donate to the Thomas W. Dana Book Series & Scholarship Fund? Contact Jennifer Jones at

  • You can donate to Redhawk Publications, too! We are your favorite non-profit community college literary press after all. Tip us out so that we can continue to make you proud in the years to come.

Thanks for being on this ride with us in 2023. We look forward to the upcoming year, too: So much more in 2024. That’s our motto!

Happiest of holidays and a bright new year to you all!

  • Richard, Robert, Patty and Mel

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Today’s Redhawk Publications Host: Robert Canipe, Publisher — Redhawk Publications

Guests: Richard Eller, Executive Director — Redhawk Publications, Patricia Thompson, Acquisition Editor — Redhawk Publications, Melanie Zimmerman, Graphic Artist Editor — Redhawk Publications