You’re Fired! Carolina Panthers, Dolly Parton, NC State, and My Thanksgiving Feast!

Welcome to Carolina Reeper! It’s like a PM Magazine from the Carolinas on the Crack Corn!

Today’s show is an elderly NFL version of The Apprentice!  You’re fired! Frank Riech gets fired as head coach of the Carolina Panthers. Who should be the new head coach?

You should try my new BBQ sauce… “South in Ya Mouth”! Check it out at

Did you see Dolly Parton’s performance during halftime at the Cowboys game?  Did she look pretty good? Or was it embarrassing? We’re gonna get into it.

We’ll also talk about my family’s Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Feast!  Find out why I was pissed at my Mom… and why I’m now going to apologize.

And in Irrational National Holidays today is NATIONAL DAY OF GIVING so on this episode I will be giving money away as we play another round of How Much is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?

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