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RedPubPod #025: “Tony Will Always Be Our Grand Poobah!”

You never know what you will learn listening to a RedPubPod episode. Not only do we have the distinct honor of interviewing San Francisco Bay native and current Hendersonville, NC resident, Tony Robles, but we also learn about old Flintstone references. If ever there was someone worthy of the title Grand Poobah, it’s Tony. And while we joke, you can’t deny that Tony has a sublime connection with the sacredness of the ordinary. He reminds you, that even donations to a thrift shop, are unique and have had their own journeys.

Tony teaches about assumptions and honoring others and things, as shown in his poetry in Thrift Store Metamorphosis.Through his poetry, you learn about human nature, all from his observational deck, working at a thrift shop in intake of donated goods.

Tony comes with serious street cred as a People’s Poet: He was short list nominated for Poet Laureate of San Francisco in 2017 and is a two-time Push Cart Prize nominee. He received his MFA in creative writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts this past summer.

His heart might be still in the hills of San Francisco but the tentacles of the North Carolina mountains are slowly capturing his soul, and we the reader are better for his ability to be bi-coastal. Tony understands roots and enjoys crossing cultures.

Yes, he exemplifies being present and gets it across in the most accessible of prose. We hope you will give this a listen, and we know you will dig what he is putting down.

Learn more about Tony here: Tony Robles, The People’s Poet, MFA  

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