The Low & Slow Barbecue Show

Hosted ByMichael "Chigger" Willard

Barbecue podcast “The Low and Slow Barbecue Show” serves up barbecue recipes, advice for smoking barbecue, and cooking barbecue stories of success - and failure! Home smokers and BBQ Pitmasters share advice - all steeped in Carolina barbecue flavor. 

Bohemian Cattle Company & Pitmaster Colby Brownlee

The Bohemian Cattle Company is the newest agritourism getaway in the Charlotte region. Combining a pasture-to-plate cattle ranch and restaurant, a widely experienced pitmaster, and the limitless possibilities of open acreage, Bohemian Cattle Company promises plenty of adventure in tastes and activities. Listen to this episode of The Low & Slow Barbecue Show to hear about Bohemian Cattle Company from pitmaster Colby Brownlee and brand manager Bradley Bonning.

Find out about Bohemian Cattle Company, its restaurant and creamery, disc golf course, gold mining, and the Sasquatch sightings near the property’s campground. Speaking of Bigfoots, you don’t want to miss the pitmaster’s recipes for “Sasquatch” Ancho-Chile Coffee Rub and Sweet Apple Zest Vinegar Sauce. The pitmaster also reveals a BBQ background that spans from the West Coast to Texas and now in North Carolina. Be sure to visit the blog for all the specifics about his recipes and details on how and where to find Bohemian Cattle Company.

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