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RedPubPod #023 “When an Old Person Dies, a Town Loses Its History”

Sherrie Hartsoe Sigmon knows the importance of this phrase more than anyone. She grew up in Rhodhiss, North Carolina. Her voice is formed there, and when you combine her passion for her hometown, and her superb writing and research skills, you get the penultimate history of a small village town that is uniquely located in two counties where a river runs through it.

Today’s podcast we welcome author Sherrie Hartsoe Sigmon and her new book, Weaving the Heart Threads of a Mill Village: Rhodhiss North Carolina as well as Rhodhiss Town Manager, Rick Justice. If you don’t live in the Foothills of North Carolina, you may not have heard of Rhodhiss before. And if you live in the Foothills, you may have taken glee in poking fun of the little town. But this book dispels the myth that Rhodhiss is a step-child living in the shadow of Hickory, Morganton, and Lenoir!

Rhodhiss might be small, but it has a sizeable number of unique attributes:

  • It’s in two counties, Burke and Caldwell
  • It was 100% owned by Duke Power in the early 20th century
  • It was the first town in North Carolina with 100% electrified homes by 1926
  • Rhodhiss is extraordinarily known for having manufactured the American Flag that flies on the moon!

Rhodhiss will be celebrating their 120th Anniversary Celebration of Rhodhiss, North Carolina. It will be held on Saturday, September 23, 2023, at 317 Magnolia Street, Rhodhiss, NC from Noon until 6:00 PM.

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