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RedPubPod #021 Romey Church

Welcome to a Special Furniture Manufacturing Edition of Redhawk Publication’s podcast, REDPUBPOD!

Redhawk Publications’ newest book, Richard Eller’s “Well Crafted: The History of Furniture Manufacturing in Western North Carolina” has put a spotlight not just on owners and upper management, but also on the workers that make the industry tick! In this episode of RedPubPod, Richard interviews former furniture worker Mr. Romey Church. Romey and his mother (and his father and his grandfather!) all worked in furniture, some longer than others. His mother, Ruth Church, worked at Singer Furniture from the age of 16 back in 1944, following her dad’s footsteps. She would work, leave and then return while her family was growing but she put in about 25 years or so in furniture manufacturing. Richard is mindful to remind Romey and listeners that it was not just men that worked in furniture manufacturing. Many women did, too, and it is mentioned in the book.

Romey discusses his time working at Signer Furniture as well. Funny, harmless pranks are detailed, giving us all the impression that the workers had a sense of humor and enjoyed one another. The folks working in the plant became work family and deep friendships were made.

This podcast is engaging. You learn what it was like working in furniture manufacturing back in the day. You also realize that “working in the shop” was an eventual occupation for many in the Western North Carolina industry. Some stayed longer than others, but this region of North Carolina can be fortunate that it provided livelihoods for many families.

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