The Low & Slow Barbecue Show

Hosted ByMichael "Chigger" Willard

Barbecue podcast “The Low and Slow Barbecue Show” serves up barbecue recipes, advice for smoking barbecue, and cooking barbecue stories of success - and failure! Home smokers and BBQ Pitmasters share advice - all steeped in Carolina barbecue flavor. 

Pitmasters: Ronald Simmons, Keith Henning, Michael Letchworth

North Carolina barbecue comes in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. Sure, there’s always debate over Eastern Whole Hog and vinegar versus Western Pork Shoulder, red slaw, and barbecue dip with ketchup.

But in the great barbecue state of North Carolina in the year 2023, people like a lot of other barbecue angles, too. The barbecue menu is diversifying even if the barbecue joint isn’t changing too much.

On this Low and Slow Barbecue Show episode, we meet pig masters AND pitmasters who stoke the flames of tradition and challenge expectations. We talk to Ronald Simmons from Master Blend Family Farms, a third-generation family farming business specializing in pasture-raised pork. Keith Henning is the Pitmaster at Black Powder Smokehouse in Jamestown and Asheboro – and he isn’t afraid to step outside the traditional North Carolina barbecue box.

Finally, Michael Letchworth joins us from Sam Jones BBQ in Winterville and Raleigh. He’s spent a lifetime working in and around the same barbecue traditions that date back to Pete Jones and the Skylight Inn’s whole hog barbecue, cornbread, and slaw.

Listen to hear all about North Carolina barbecue traditions – and innovations.

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