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Barbecue podcast “The Low and Slow Barbecue Show” serves up barbecue recipes, advice for smoking barbecue, and cooking barbecue stories of success - and failure! Home smokers and BBQ Pitmasters share advice - all steeped in Carolina barbecue flavor. 

Celebrating Independence and Food with Hanna Raskin

When it comes to finding the best Carolina barbecue, it is a must that you trust the source of truth. To do that, you need to find someone with a diverse palate, an open mind, and an independent perspective.

So, to mark Independence Day on the Low & Slow Barbecue Show, we talk to 2023 James Beard Foundation Award Winner Hanna Raskin. And because she is absolutely an independent voice in food journalism (and a 2015 Pulitzer Prize winner), you know Hanna is preaching the gospel. 

Hanna is the founder and editor of The Food Section, a twice-weekly newsletter that provides food eaters with information and analysis about everything they need to know on the food front in the South. 

In this episode, we talk with Hanna Raskin about American Barbecue traditions on July 4th, her favorite plate of food for Independence Day, and the traditional recipe she wants to bring to the holiday potluck. We get Hanna’s insight on the importance of barbecue in the Carolinas and the best barbecue restaurant around. Of course, she answers all the questions in the Low and Slow showdown – including which barbecue is best, the East or the West. 

Listen today, and you’ll also hear about her I-95 exit-by-exit eating guide, a project that helped her win a second James Beard Foundation Award. If you’re traveling between South Carolina and Virginia, don’t leave home without Hanna’s advice. 

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