I Guess I’ll Do It with Pat House

Hosted ByPat House

I Guess I’ll Do It (with Pat House) features a one-on-one conversation with comedians discussing their earliest comedy influences when they decided they would try stand-up and that very first time they stepped on stage. We chat about our favorite comics, share horror stories from the road, and talk shop about all the joys/nightmares that live within stand-up comedy. 

Andrew Moose

The man that makes it all happen, my producer, Andrew Moose, joins me on my latest episode. We met up in Hickory, NC, and recorded this one in person at the MESH podcast studio. We talk about the podcasting world, Tom Segura (Moose went to college with him, and I spent years touring with him), owning a live music venue (the hum), and we compare golf to stand-up comedy.

Pat House is a nationally-touring comedian based out of Philadelphia. A regular performer in comedy clubs, casinos, and theaters all over the country, Pat has been a choice opener for Sebastian Maniscalco, Tom Segura, and Dan Cummins. He recorded his first album Biggest Thing in 2013, and his latest album Heard Enough Yesterdayhit #1 on the iTunes comedy chartsBoth can be heard on iTunes, Amazon, and Pandora.